Our Love

From New York to Melbourne, a small loft to a huge house. A new life, and a clean slate. Would it all be a life like any other, our would it change when a certain group of boys come into her life?


19. Authors Note: Please Read!

Hey guys,  i'm just writing to apologize to you all. I haven't been updating as frequently as I used to and I am devastated since I know all of you guys are waiting to find out what happens! If you want me to be honest, I'm really slow at writing chapters. So I take my time and try to make them really long and the best that they can be. Since the school year is coming to a close as well I have been trashed in work and I have to finish it all if I want to pass with good grade. But school ended yesterday and now I can update a whole lot more frequently. If you didn't know I am also writing 2 other fan fictions, a Austin Mahone crew one and a Justin Bieber one. So check those out while you're waiting on me to update this one. Just know that I haven't forgotten about all of you guys. Thanks for your time.

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