2. Outline of My Life

I got married about ten years ago, when I was declared protector of the creek. I  got married one day and the next I'm protector. Like I said, I'm seven feet tall, weight over four hundred pounds and the strongest man in the village. On my wedding day, I looked below and a young, five foot tall woman was below me. She was wearing a white dress, passed down from her mother, and her long hair was on her shoulders. She smiled the whole time. We walked down the isle, holdin hands, my hand bigger than hers and hers smaller than mine. We then built a house in the creek together. It consisted of three bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a fireplace room. I made the house big enough for me to fit in it. But then I think the house is too small. Maybe add another part of the house to make the fireplace room bigger.

After I got married, I was asked to be protector of the village. They noticed my height and strength, so it was the perfect job for me. They offered a new home, but we just built the house and why have a new home if you just spent alot of money on it? I enjoyed my home, and everyone enjoyed it too. Everyday I would get a messenger to come to my house and tell me that need this done. I've had to build walls out of stone and and build forts out of trees. My power is very high. I'm the strongest. Then there's things such as we need your strength to take the tree of my house. (I hope you guys don't think I'm powerful, with no muscle. It's the opposite. I have lots of muscle and very powerful. I guess I didn't explain that part.)

About seven years after I got married, Hydrangea and I chose to have a kid. For nine months, we waited all this time, and our love had come. A few summers ago, Hydrangea was sitting down in the fireplace room, where she had a huge lump in her stomach. Her dress was thin and her flip flops were sweating. She called me in for lunch when she was ready to have her baby. Hydrangea was sweating and she was nervous. Our first baby was going to be born. She was hot and impatient. She didn't want to go through this. I called a messenger to get a nurse over quick. A short, brown haired woman was at my door in minutes, ready to deliver a baby. By lunch time, a baby girl was born. She had a purple flower in her hair, due to her gender. She was small, and brown haired was planted her head. She was so cute. I was the first to hold, since the the male must hold the baby, first because of his serving time (such as washing the house and gardening.) She was a light as a feather. Her little head layed on my arm, and my hand layed on her thighs. I later gave my baby to Hydrangea, and she did the same. We chose to name her Lilac, a pretty flower the layed in her hair. To this day, she's my little daughter, the size of my arm to the tips of my fingers.


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