1. My Family

I always sit on my old wooden chair in my kitchen. The chair always creeks when I sit on it. Must be because I'm seven feet tall and way too strong. I enjoy it, because I'm looked up to and I'm the leader of the village.

I marched into my fireplace room. (Every home I have in the village consists of two or three bedrooms, a fireplace room and a kitchen. Nobody in this twon has a house that's different). I sat on the multi-colored couch and sat back. The fire was light. Not too heavy, but that's the only thing that heats the house. I grabbed a piece of dry wood I'd split before going to bed last night. I lit a match and threw it in the fire. It seemed I wasn't the only one who had a fire going.

I left the fireplace room started for the kitchen. I grabbed a big, juicy apple. (Another thing that's in everyones property was an apple tree. Instead of paying a few dollars for apples at the market, why not have one in your yard?) I took a bite of the apple and stared around. I loved my house. It was to my liking and everyone had one similar to mine. I took another bite, and walked to my daughters room. My daughter, Lilac, was sleeping in here little bed. She was so small compared to me, she could fit from my finger tips to my elbow. She was born in the summer another thing is we can't realease the day our child was born to other people. We can only say the season or month or year or day or near or after or on a holiday.) When she was born, she was bron with a Lilac in her hair. She's only three years old. She is so far my only child. My wife. Hydrangea, or Gea, slept in our old country bed. She was sleeping so peacefully, like Lilac.

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