nobody compares

read to find out


2. chapther2

Harrys pov

The boys and i where walkinging in to the X Factor studeio and the back stage people took us to the stage and the dance intosteder  stared talking with us and called the girls over here to meet us, then she told them to go back to practicing but she ccalled back 2 girls and stared talkeing with them then handed them some parpers and left. The two girls came over to us and the girl with cruly brown haire intordues her slef, her name was danielle then the girl with blond hair and sea blue eyes intordused her self, her name was taylor. we will be techeing you guys the dance moves taylor said. ok there are 5 of you so wwe need to splet yall into 2 grups danielle said. in the first group with danielle was liam and louis and in the group with taylor was me, niall and zayn. well this is going to beinstering i said to my self.

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