17 year old Nicki Kamlin has a normal, but boring life. Just the usual teenage girl things. Best friends, school, blah blah blah. But what happens when 5 special boys change that? Suddenly her life's twisted around, when the son of her mom's new boyfriend is definitely not the guy she expected him to be. Will she come clean about who he really is, or will she get away with not revealing her dirty little secret? Louis, Harry, Zayn, Niall, and Liam are going to change the life of this ordinary girl, but is it for the better or the worse? ~Forbidden (NOT FAMOUS) a Liam Payne FanFiction~


4. So Wrong, but So Right


  Liam's POV: I sat down, only for the girl in front of me to look up and make my whole world shatter into a million pieces. The girl sitting in front of me was Nicki. The girl I met just this morning, but had been fantasizing about ever since. The girl that was supposed to be my friend, and the girl I wished to eventually be my future girlfriend. WELL SO MUCH FOR THAT. I really liked her, this was terrible. My dad finally finds a girl he likes, and here I am falling for her daughter. She was just staring at me in horror, and honestly, I'm pretty sure I was staring at  the same way. Not that our parents even noticed. They were already deep in another conversation. "What the hell?" she leaned over, and whispered to me. I slowly got up and gestured for her to follow. Our parents wouldn't even realize that we're gone. We stood against the wall at the far side of the restaurant. "Crap, this is bad. This is bad." I said to her pacing back and forth. "Wait, why is this bad?" she asked me. Crap, I can't just say 'oh this is a bad thing because I really like you and I want you to be my girlfriend but now our parents are dating so we can't.' Yeaahh, 'cause I'm sure that will turn out just great. Well, I mean I guess there's no getting out of it now.."Well, Nicki..I really like you." I looked down, scared at what her response might be. Nicki's POV: Did Liam just say..he likes me? "I like you too Liam." I said before even realizing what I was doing. He looked up at me, and smiled. "No, this isn't a 'smiling matter', our parents are dating! We can't like each other. This is bad. Really bad." I looked down at my feet. I was disappointed at the fact that me and Liam were getting along so well, and I really liked him. And now what? If our parents are dating, it may not be that bad if we like each for now..but what if they got married? That would make Liam my freacking step-brother! You can't 'like like' your's gross...and like illegal or something..(lol, I know it's not actually illegal). "Well we gotta head back. They might notice that we left." I nodded. We headed back to the table and sat down. "Hey, where'd you guys go?" George asked us. Liam looked at me panicking a little, "Uh, we just wanted to talk alone a bit. To get to know each other. We didn't want to..uh, disturb you guys so we just stepped aside to talk." I lied. Liam high-fived me under the table. It was a lame excuse, and clearly a lie, but they wouldn't notice. It was legit enough for them. "Don't worry. You guys just stay here. Now let's order some dinner." my mom said as the waiter came to our table. He took or orders and left. The whole night our parents were talking, not paying any attention to us what so ever. So every once in a while I'd see Liam look up at me and smile or wink. I tried to hide my burning cheeks, that I could feel turning a bright red, but there was no denying it. I was falling for this boy. Was I really falling for the boy that could possibly one day be my brother? This was so bad, so wrong. But then again, if it was so wrong, why did it feel so right? ------------ Author's Note: Here's some more Liam and Nicki drama/romance. Hope you're liking it so far! Don't forget to check out my other story, Summer Love(: 
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