17 year old Nicki Kamlin has a normal, but boring life. Just the usual teenage girl things. Best friends, school, blah blah blah. But what happens when 5 special boys change that? Suddenly her life's twisted around, when the son of her mom's new boyfriend is definitely not the guy she expected him to be. Will she come clean about who he really is, or will she get away with not revealing her dirty little secret? Louis, Harry, Zayn, Niall, and Liam are going to change the life of this ordinary girl, but is it for the better or the worse? ~Forbidden (NOT FAMOUS) a Liam Payne FanFiction~


5. Mom, you have no Idea

Sam's POV: As the dinner ended, we stood up and got our coats. My mom hugged Liam, "It was a pleasure meeting you Liam." "You too, Ms. Kamlin." he said back. She got into a conversation with George, asking when we should do something like this again. Me and Liam looked at each other for minute. He smiled at me, I blushed and smiled back. Oh crap, what am I doing? "Here," he said handing me a piece of paper. It has his number on it. "Thanks." I looked down at the piece of paper in my hands. "If you want, we can all hang out tomorrow, I can bring the guys and you can bring the girls?" he asked me, "Yeah, I'm sure the girls would love that." I told him. "Cool, text me later. We'll discuss details when you get home if you want." "Yeah, sure." We smiled at each other for a bit, "Honey, let's go!" my mom called from the door. "Bye" we both said to each other. I hugged him goodbye. Although, the hug lasted longer than it should have..not that I'm complaining. He winked at me one last time, before I left the restaurant. We got in the car, and started to drive. "So, how do you like Liam?" my mom asked me. I smiled, "I like him, he's cool." I nodded and said non-chalantley. "That's good sweety." I giggled silently in my head. Mom, you have no idea! We arrived at home and I went up to my room. I stared at my phone, then at the little piece of paper in my hand. I entered the information into my phone and sent him a text. ~ Hey, it's me! -Nicki(:   Hi, so what do you say? Does tomorrow sound good? -LiamXx   Sounds good to me. How bout I give you the girls' numbers and you give me the boys' numbers, and we can see where we all wanna go? -Nicki(:   Ok, I'll send them to you on Facebook. -LiamXx   Cool, same. I gotta go do homework.. -Nicki(:   Aw, ok:( Goodnight Nicki, see you tomorrow! -LiamXx   Goodnight, and okay can't wait! -Nicki(: ~ I sat down and put the phone down on my lap.  "Wow," I breathed, I really like Liam. You know what? Right now, he clearly doesn't care that much about what our parents think, so why should I? Might as well have some fun while we can. I took out the books and papers from my bag and did my homework.  I texted the girls and asked them if they wanted to hang out with the guys tomorrow. They all texted back quickly, all of them obviously saying yes. When I was done I texted Liam saying the girls said yes. He said the same about the boys. I bet the girls are going nuts right now! Tomorrow's gonna be awesome, can't wait! ------------------- Author's Note: Hi! I'm sorry it's not very good. I did this in one sitting because I have somewhere to be tonight. Some people asked me to update, so I did! I might update tomorrow, with a better chapter. Same thing with my other story. I am going to update on the weekend for sure. Better chapters on the weekend, I promise! :) Thanks for reading my little Carrot Guppies! Until next time, bye! Xx 

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