17 year old Nicki Kamlin has a normal, but boring life. Just the usual teenage girl things. Best friends, school, blah blah blah. But what happens when 5 special boys change that? Suddenly her life's twisted around, when the son of her mom's new boyfriend is definitely not the guy she expected him to be. Will she come clean about who he really is, or will she get away with not revealing her dirty little secret? Louis, Harry, Zayn, Niall, and Liam are going to change the life of this ordinary girl, but is it for the better or the worse? ~Forbidden (NOT FAMOUS) a Liam Payne FanFiction~


3. Just when things started to look up

Liam's POV: I was really nervous about moving here, but when my friends told me they offered to join the exchange program to come with me, I got so excited. I loved those boys, they're like brothers to me. We did just about everything together, and I guess moving countries was one of them! Nicki was so cool! She was cute, funny, smart, and I couldn't stop thinking about her. And you know what else is so cute? Niall likes Kay, Zayn likes Elena, Harry likes Lylie, and Louis likes Tara. This is awesome, if all works out, we're gonna be the best of friends. Nicki's POV: We went through the whole day going from class to class with the boys. You know, except for Louis and Tara because they're a year older. But Tara likes Louis, and I think Louis might like her back. It's so cute. Plus, Lylie likes Harry, Elena likes Zayn, and Kay likes Niall. And I think they like them back too! It's seriously like love is just jumping around everywhere. And yes, if you hadn't already gotten the memo, I like Liam. I don't know if he likes me though. Why would he? I'm just normal old me. Canadian and boring. He's Liam, British and sexy. Why would someone like that, like me? I thought about it all the way home. It kind of disappointed me that all the girls seemed to be hitting it off with one of the guys except for me. I got home and threw my jacket and bag on the couch and ran upstairs. We were leaving in an hour to go meet my mom's boyfriend and his son. I've met George before, he's a nice guy and all..I'm just nervous that his son's going to be a total ass. I put on a pink, lacy top that flowed down to the middle of my thigh. I put on my dark american eagle jeans, and paired them with my brown knee high boots. I applied a bit of makeup. My mom means well, so even though she's been bugging me about this for the past 2 weeks, I wanted to make her happy. I walked out of my room to find my mom checking her makeup in the hall mirror. "Hi mom, you look great." I told her, and it was true. I haven't seen her dressed up I guess this dinner does mean a lot to her. I'm happy that she finally found someone. "Really? It's not too much? It's not too little? Does my top look okay? Is there too much cleavage? What about my hair? I think it's too straight..does it look weird? How does my butt look?-" I stopped her there, "WOAH. Ew..! Mom, what the hell? Haha, I already said you look great. What's with all the questions?" "I'm sorry Nicki, I'm just nervous. I want his son to like me." she told me. "He's gonna love you mom. Don't worry." I reassured her. "Okay, thank you. Now let's go." We got in the car and drove to the restaurant we were meeting them at. We went in and saw George already sitting at the table.  We sat down. "Hi girls, I'm sorry my son isn't here yet. He had some trouble finding some of his stuff." George said. "Oh it's fine!" my mom told him. Pffft, I looked down and rolled my eyes. Excuses, excuses. Go figure, this guy probably is a douche. "Oh there he is!" George waved over to son, gesturing for him to come over. He sat across from me. I didn't look up, I was irritated that he was late, but my mom elbowed me in the side. I looked up, in front of me was the last person I ever expected to see. He was clearly in as much shock as me. A small gasp was all that could escape out of my mouth. It was Liam. ------------ Author's Note: WOAHH. Haha, awks much? I wonder what they're going to do now...I would find that really weird x) Thanks for reading!

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