17 year old Nicki Kamlin has a normal, but boring life. Just the usual teenage girl things. Best friends, school, blah blah blah. But what happens when 5 special boys change that? Suddenly her life's twisted around, when the son of her mom's new boyfriend is definitely not the guy she expected him to be. Will she come clean about who he really is, or will she get away with not revealing her dirty little secret? Louis, Harry, Zayn, Niall, and Liam are going to change the life of this ordinary girl, but is it for the better or the worse? ~Forbidden (NOT FAMOUS) a Liam Payne FanFiction~


10. Gonna Need Some Help

Liam's POV: I can't believe Nicki invited us to stay for a whole week! I'm so excited, but I'm also soo nervous. I wanted to talk to her I want her to be my girlfriend. I know that our parents are dating, but I really like her and what our parents don't know won't hurt them. Yes, I know that sounds terrible, but in my defense if you were me I'm sure you would do the same thing! I like her a lot and I don't see a problem with us dating for..maybe a while? I just think that maybe, I should ask one of the guys or one of the girls for some help. The guys know me better and I could easily open up to them, but the girls know Nicki better. They could help me plan how to ask her. The only problem is if it works out, we would have to tell them about our parents. I don't want them bugging us about it. But if it doesn't work out, I'll be so embarrassed. I wouldn't be able to talk to her normally, let alone stay with her for a whole week! Ugh, I'm so confused. Nicki's POV: They actually said yes? Well this should be interesting, especially since Liam was giving me a....look. I'm still curious as to what that was about, but I'll probably find out sometime this week. "Here, I'll show you guys around the house." I said getting up. They followed me and I showed them around the house. I showed them the basement, where we had our giant movie-like screen, surround sound system, and a mini bar in the corner. I showed them around the main floor, there was the kitchen, the patio, the main floor bathroom, the closet, and all those places. We went upstairs and I showed them where the bathroom was, I showed them the 2 guest rooms, and I showed them my room. My room is fairly big. When my parents got divorced my mom kept telling me how sorry she was. She would constantly try to do unnecessary things for me even though I always told her that I was okay, and I was. Obviously I was upset about my parents splitting up, but I understood what happened. However, even though I told her I was fine, never less she still went through this crazy 'I'll give you whatever you want' phase. She kept giving me random things she knew I liked but would never asked for. Then one day, I came home and she had completely renovated my room. There's a king sized bed against the wall, in front of a large window there was a white couch that pulls out into a queen sized bed, and a flat screen is mounted on the wall. There's a walk-in closet in the corner, a huge mirror that stretched from the floor to the ceiling, the desk and vanity that laid against one side of the room, and the wooden bookshelf that was built into one of the corners between 2 walls. In one corner there's 2 bean bag chairs and in between is a glass coffee table with a glowing lava lamp, and on the side table beside my bed there was my Macbook Air, iHome, and a few J-14 and Vogue magazines. All of this was surrounded by mint coloured walls with floral sheer white  accents and above my bed was my name painted in a glossy turquoise. "Woahh..." they all said in sync. While the boys were busy exploring the large bedroom, the girls and I hopped on the bed and smiled as we watched them. I'm not trying to sound arrogant but I'm used to this kind of reaction and I guess the girls expected this from the boys as well. The boys sat down on the bed and couch and we talked about the week coming up. I was happy the guys were excited. Eventually everyone starting talking in pairs. It's weird how this always happened, but I thought that it was cute that each of them always ended up talking to a specific person. I can't wait until the guys just ask them out already! Liam and I sat on the 2 bean bag chairs in the corner talking about random stuff. We talked about different places I thought the guys should visit, school, his life back in London, just everything. He told me about the boys. All of them were from England except for Niall who was born in Ireland. Not that I didn't already know, their wonderfully strong accents made it really obvious. "I've always dreamed of visiting London and Ireland. They're so beautiful! It's seriously amazing that you guys are from there. " I admitted. "Well, I'll remember to take you there sometime." Liam told me smiling. "When I was little my dad always promised me that when I was older he would take me there. But, I mean that obviously didn't exactly work out.." I said looking down at my lap. Liam placed a hand reassuringly on my knee, "I know what you mean. My mom and I were really close. But, don't worry about it. And I swear one day I'm going to bring you there. I promise!" he said stretching out his pinky at me. "Pinky swear, really?" I asked him laughing. "Yes pinky swear! I promised you didn't I? Just do it." he replied still smiling. "Okay fine!" I wrapped my pinky around his. Liam's POV: Nicki wrapped her pinky around mine giggling. She looked up and smiled at me. I unwrapped my pinky from hers, quickly switching the position of my hand to hold her her hand. "So, uh I was wondering if I could talk to you about something.." I began nervously. "Yeah anything Liam. What is it?" she asked me. "Well I guess it's more of a question." I replied. "Of course, what's on your mind?" " see I was wondering if maybe-" I was interrupted by Kay calling out to Nicki, "Hey Nicki! Can you come over here for a second?! I need your help!" Nicki looked at me with sorry eyes, "I'm sorry Liam, I'll just be a minute." she said rubbing my hand apologetically. She quickly got up and walked over to Kay. I ran my fingers through my hair, sighing. I guess it's good we were interrupted..maybe it's a sign. Maybe I should wait a little longer. And I guess this wasn't really the best place to talk to her know, us. Let alone ask her to be my girlfriend. Ugh, I'm really gonna need help with this. ------------------- Author's Note: Sorry I haven't updated in a while! Hope you liked the chapter though! (: Goodnight!

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