17 year old Nicki Kamlin has a normal, but boring life. Just the usual teenage girl things. Best friends, school, blah blah blah. But what happens when 5 special boys change that? Suddenly her life's twisted around, when the son of her mom's new boyfriend is definitely not the guy she expected him to be. Will she come clean about who he really is, or will she get away with not revealing her dirty little secret? Louis, Harry, Zayn, Niall, and Liam are going to change the life of this ordinary girl, but is it for the better or the worse? ~Forbidden (NOT FAMOUS) a Liam Payne FanFiction~


6. For Now

Liam's POV: I woke up early the next morning, even though we weren't seeing the girls until later. I got out of bed and went downstairs. I sat on the couch with a bowl of cereal, but I was too nervous to eat. I heard the doorbell ring. "Coming!" I yelled. I opened the door to be greeted by my best friends. "Hey Li." they all said walking in. We sat in front of the TV, Niall was already eating away at my cereal. Not that I cared, it's not like I was gonna eat it. "Are you guys nervous?"' I asked them. "Maybe..a bit." Niall answered. The rest nodded in agreement. I wonder what the girls were doing.. Nicki's POV: The girls were already over, and we were getting ready. "I can't wait to see them! Especially Harry.." Lylie said, smirking. "OOOOOH, Lylie likes Harryyy!" we all sang at her. "Well, duh! How could I not? I mean have you seen his eyes? And that dimple? And oh my gosh, that hair?!" she squealed, falling back onto the bed holding her heart. She sighed overdramatically. We all laughed at her, "You're crazy." I told her, still laughing. "Oh please Nicki, we all now that you like Liam!" she replied, grinning evily. "Eh, he's okay I guess." I lied. "Uh huh.." they all said mocking me. It was 12:45, "Guys, we should probably go now. We need to be there in 15 minutes." they all started collecting their belongings, while applying some last minute lip gloss. We hopped in the car, and arrived at the movies 10 minutes later. I looked at my watch, "Just on time." We walked in and saw that the guys just got here too. Liam turned around, he saw me and waved. I waved back and smiled. Tara approached me from behind, "Sure, he's okay." she whispered into my ear, repeating what I said earlier. We walked over to them. "Hey ladies." Niall said, but winking specifically at Kay. She blushed and looked down at her feet. We walked into the theater. Zayn went into the aisle first, followed by Elena, Kay, Niall, Harry, Lylie, Tara, Louis, Liam, then me. We got settled in our seats. The lights dimmed and the movie began. Honestly, I couldn't even concentrate. Liam kept on staring at me. I was trying to focus my attention to the screen, but I could feel Liam's eyes on me. I turned to him, "Liam, can I help you with something?" I asked him, smirking. "Maybe you could do me a little favor.." he said shifting his body closer to mine. I inched my head towards his, "And what's that?" I teased. He tilted my chin up. He looked into my eyes for a moment, before meeting his with lips with mine. My whole body went numb. I didn't even care if our friends were staring at us. Nothing could ruin this moment, even if we were out in public. He pulled away and rested his forehead on mine. We both knew this was so wrong, but we didn't care. At the moment, it was just us and our friends. Our parents couldn't come between us, and we liked it that way. He lifted the arm rest that was in between us and pulled me closer to him. I rested my head on his shoulder and he wrapped his arm protectively around my waist. I didn't think of what would happen if my mom found out, I just thought about Liam. His gorgeous chocolate brown eyes, his smile, his laugh. Everything about him was perfect, and he was all mine. For now. ----------- Author's Note: Did they seriously just do that? OH YES THEY DID. Well, I promised you guys a new chapter, and here it is! I made this especially for all the Nickiam (Nicki and Liam) shippers(: I hope you liked it, bye!Xx

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