Relatable and Not-So-Relatable Rants

Things that personally just get on my nerves and I thought I should share, more the less I needed somewhere to get my anger out before I blow up. Hope you can relate, because right now I feel like I'm the only one who's bugged by these things


18. Writers Block

Writer's Block

Gahhh!!! I hate it!!

Right now I currently have writer's block. 

What is it, you ask?

For me, writer's block comes from stress. I had a pretty stressful day. Mostly school, my grades are struggling. I mean, I have B's. That is bad. Really bad.

Another reason I can't write is because I feel like I have to. What I mean is, I haven't updated in a while. I feel like if I don't do it soon everyone will stop reading my stories. But I just can't seen to conjure up any ideas like I usually can. Normally they come to me like... I don't know. I can't even make a good comparison it's so bad. 

I got on here, expecting to write an update to all my stories PLUS the ones I'm holding in drafts secretively, planning on letting them roam free soon. Maybe. But instead, I opened it up to write and I stared at this screen for twenty minutes, typing and deleting until I ended up with what I started with. Nothing.

I hope you guys understand writers block and don't take it out on my stories. I hope that they're good enough that you can wait to hear them. I hope. 

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