Relatable and Not-So-Relatable Rants

Things that personally just get on my nerves and I thought I should share, more the less I needed somewhere to get my anger out before I blow up. Hope you can relate, because right now I feel like I'm the only one who's bugged by these things


16. Teachers


I hate school. I used to love it back in middle school but now it's just horrible.

You know how we all have family problems. 

Well, when these things happen and keep me from doing homework and stuff I think they should be exempt. Why should teachers get to mark us a bad grade because you couldn't do it AND had a note?

My uncle had an aneurism. I was very close to him. When he died, of course I'd be worked up. I didn't go to school the rest of the week. I didn't finish my projects I should have, either. Because the teachers are such heartless monsters I got a flipping B on my report card. Now before you all go saying "B? You making a big deal because of a B?" I must have you know that throughout my whole entire life I have never had lower than an A on my report card. I have a 4.0 GPA and I'm a good student. I've never had a detention. Ever.

This B my affect my chances of getting into Harvard. 

And when I broke my wrist, the teachers gave me no slack whatsoever. It was my right hand, the one I write with, and they told me to suck it up and use my left hand. I did as they said and they couldn't read on word on that paper. I got an F. Well sorry I broke my wrist but do you really need to act like this?

Heartless monsters.

And then there are those teachers that don't even know what they're teaching. How in hell can you teach something you don't even know? I corrected that bitch about ten times that class. Where do they get their degrees? Wallyworld? (Walmart)

I just can't stand this. I considered running away and going to a different school since my mom is too stuck up to transfer me. 

Has anyone else had bad experiences with those annoying sons of bitches? (Sorry again for bad language, it happens when I'm pissed)

Please feel free to make me feel less alone in my teacher-hating life by telling me down there, in the comment section. Thank you for your time, I hope you have a nice life and better teachers than I do.

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