Relatable and Not-So-Relatable Rants

Things that personally just get on my nerves and I thought I should share, more the less I needed somewhere to get my anger out before I blow up. Hope you can relate, because right now I feel like I'm the only one who's bugged by these things


7. Spammers


You know who you are!

Yes. Spammer is the dreadful name for that random person who pops up out of no where.

If you don't know what a spammer is, let me explain. 

Did someone ever post a comment on your story like this? 

'Hey! Awesome story! (why is it awesome?) I loooove it! (What do you love about it?!) Mind reading mine? (insert link here)'

Odds are, they didn't bother reading your story. These 'spammers' go around posting their story everywhere in hopes to gain views. Here is a message to you. 

Dear Spammer,

Stop slutting around. If you want views for your story don't go advertising them on other stories. It's really rude. Go to the forum and to Looking for Readers! And annoy the hell out of those people. But my story is not a place for you to steal my readers. Do I make myself clear? No? Ok, how's this? STOP SPAMMING OTHER PEOPLES WORK OF ART FOR YOUR OWN SELFISHNESS! Better? I thought so. 

All the authors of Movellas

There was one Spammer in-particular I saw on about every damn story on this site. She was going around the time of the Valentine's Day competition. Now, how do I know she's a spammer? For one, she commented on every story asking if they'd read hers. Second, she mysteriously disappeared after the competition ended. Huh, strange? I bet all of you know exactly who I am talking about, too. You know the one. But I will not potentially cause this author any distress or hate (although she's responsible for her own actions) I can't throw direct insults nor can I call her out.

Even though she was extremely annoying. Majorly annoying. I wanted to just tell her off. Like right then and there. You know the feeling. Right?

Okay, you deserve a medal if you see what I did there ^^^^ 

Still can't figure it out? Look at the italic letter at the beginning of each sentence!

Oh yay! Now do you feel smart? Alright. Over and out.

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