Relatable and Not-So-Relatable Rants

Things that personally just get on my nerves and I thought I should share, more the less I needed somewhere to get my anger out before I blow up. Hope you can relate, because right now I feel like I'm the only one who's bugged by these things


22. Songs and Comment... Again

Songs and Comments... Again

Arg!! I hate when I get songs stuck in my head. 

Today I had five different songs going through my head. 

Even worse? One was country, one was pop, one was rock, one was a really old song, and one was a kid song.

It was like torture. I honestly don't even know how they got there, considering I haven't listened to most of them for a while. 

Getting a song stuck in your head is like a wedgie. You don't want to pick it and risk someone see it so you let it stay and annoy the hell out of you.

This all ties up to one word. 


And off topic...

Why are people so damn reluctant to comment?

It drives me INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!

Honestly, it ain't that hard to leave a dang comment. Seriously.

Please leave a comment. 

I'm on my damn hands and knees.

Leave a comment already!!

This is really beginning to piss me off.

To the point where I'm cussing these people out in my head.

Partially on here, too.

I hate how annoying I am about this but c'mon. Leave a comment every once and a while and maybe I won't want to rip your head off!! I'm literally banging on the keys here. This is my pet peeve.

COMMENT PEOPLE!! Do you think this is funny? Cuz' it's not. I'm fudging series as fudging heck right now. (I used substitutes) ha ha. But no. Seriously. It wouldn't kill you to type a nice comment.

And not just on this rant, because I don't give two shakes of a rats ass if you comment on this, I'm talking my actual movellas. 

And this only applies to the silent readers.

I look at some other movellas and their readers have no problem commenting. 

So tell me, am I bad writer? Not good enough? Or are you just too lazy to pick up your fingers and type on nice, long, complementary comment!

I hope this got your attention. I know I'm not the only author with this problem, I'm just the only one willing to rant on it.

On and on and on and on and on and on and on and on.... you get the point. 

(And I don't know if my 'two shakes of a rats ass' will make sense to you, it's more 'a inside joke with myself. Can someone say lammmmmeeee?? Yeah. I know.) 

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