Relatable and Not-So-Relatable Rants

Things that personally just get on my nerves and I thought I should share, more the less I needed somewhere to get my anger out before I blow up. Hope you can relate, because right now I feel like I'm the only one who's bugged by these things


20. "Friends"


Hellllllllo!!! Haven't done this in a while . . . I still have slight writer's block, so I don't even feel like going on movellas because it's just straight out torture. 

Anyway, back to my topic. 

Don't you just hate those people who say "Oh! You're my best friend! Let's hang out?" but you never end up doing anything?

I hate it. It's so annoying. Look, you're either my friend, or not. Make up your mind. 

And notice how it's usually that fake barbie girl whom everyone seems to just love. In my school, that's the short girls.

Yup! You read that right. If you're over 5'4" you have no hope. Also, if you don't fit into size frickin' zero you have no hope.

All of those short little barbie dolls are so fake it could make you want to jump off a cliff, into a pool of blood thirsty sharks, while your on your period. (Assuming your a girl, if not, well let's just hope you don't bleed monthly . . . you should call a doctor . . .)

Everything about them is F.A.K.E from their hair to their attitudes. They are way too preppy. They all die their hair to look like their leader, Lexi. Doesn't she have that name? Lexi. To me, it gives off that vibe saying, "Hey, I'm Lexi, the blonde, skinny, totally nice and most popular girl ever! You should feel bad for me because I can't reach the top shelf so I'll complain 24/7"

That's what they do. Brag/complain/compare their heights. Who would want to be short? Obviously everyone in my school  . .  . except me. Besides, they aren't even pretty.

But the way they call everyone their best friend is so annoying. (Not to be racist, because if I was I would have been shot years ago by one of the kids in my school) but that's the white popular's. Now let me tell you about the blacks. 

My school is like this: 

95% Black vs. 4% White vs. 1% Arabic/Muslim or whatever they prefer. 

I don't have a problem with it. In fact, before she turned to the popular kids, my old best friend, Zareya, is black. Yup! And then I had another best friend who was Arabic. 

Now, if you knew me, you'd know I used to be a part of every group in my school. I used to be best friend's with almost everyone at different times, different grades. I stop because I soon realize how fake they are and pathetic. Just last year I found my real friend. 

My first group was the "I love Jacob" group in Kindergarten. He was hot, from what I remember (which isn't much) because he moved in first grade. Lol.

Now, keep in mind I live in the ghetto, at least that's what they call it, and it just depends on your meaning of ghetto to understand. Let's just say, they all want to be rappers who smoke pot, or thugs, and call themselves gangsta, or swag, and use the phrase "Little Cudi" A lot. A LOT. 

There are the pure 'gangsta' the wannabe 'gangsta' and the me's of the school. I'm more of my own person. 

Now to become one of them you must be black (They're a little judgmental on color, unlike me) not smell like shit, have legs (there's a kid with prosthetic legs who smells like shit, literally, and I feel sort of, kind of, a tiny bit bad for him) you have to be able to dance (with the dougie, and dances like the dougie) and know how to roast people and be fluent in the language of rap.

They also call everyone their "Homie" or "Cudi" or another weird term for best friend, and it's almost more annoying than the preppy barbies. 

Am I the only one with these kinds of kids in my school? I wish I had a school like in the TV shows where the lockers are in the hallway, not the classroom, (Yeah, our lockers are in the classroom. It's pathetic) Where you actually have mean cheerleaders rather than annoying barbie ones. Cute boys. Jocks. Pretty girls. Actual drama, not 'who stole my hairbrush' drama. We have none of this stuff. None. 

I want a normal school. But I can't transfer and it's so unfair!!

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