Relatable and Not-So-Relatable Rants

Things that personally just get on my nerves and I thought I should share, more the less I needed somewhere to get my anger out before I blow up. Hope you can relate, because right now I feel like I'm the only one who's bugged by these things


19. Feelings


Ugh. I hate feelings.

We all have them. Happiness, Sadness, Sorrow, Regret, Love, Hate, Pain... countless amount of feelings only humans can partake (From what we know)

We are one of the most lucky species we know of, yet what do we do with it? We take advantage. We shouldn't be in wars against our own kind, it's wrong. But that's not what this is about. I'm talking personal feelings.

I can't help it. I care too much what people think. No matter how much I tell myself it doesn't matter what they think of me, I do. And let me tell you, I hate it. It's horrible. I have feelings. You have feelings. That girl that gets made fun of every day for being overweight has feelings. That boy who isn't as easy of a learner as us still has feelings. Everyone has feelings. It's not something you can just turn off and make everything better. So, you people out there who don't know this, you need to listen. 

Do you know how many people die by suicide? 

Between 15 and 25 children every year commit suicide because they are being bullied - more may attempt it and not succeed.

Do you know anyone who self harms? Do you see people calling them a freak? Emo? Did you ever ask why? Tell the school counselor? Something? Being a bystander is just as bad as being the bully. The have lectures and guest speakers at my school every year about this stuff, but no one listens.

My friend was raped. And as a result, whenever a boy or anyone in that case, touched her in anyway, even if it was by accident, she'd flinch. Everyone laughed and teased. They started touching her in places on purpose, just to look cool by their friends. It wasn't cool, it was sickening. Rude. To torture someone like that. They didn't know about her being raped, but they knew when they did that she didn't like it. That she would cry. Yet, they still did it.

I saw more and more cuts on her every week. I tried talking to her, but nothing helped. She made me swear not to tell anyone. Not even her parents knew she was raped. I knew I was doing the wrong thing but I didn't know what to do. I asked the school guidance counselor, without giving names, and she told me if someone is raped that they need to recover on their own pace. So I took her advice, and kept my mouth shut. 

Bad idea. Two weeks later, I found her in the girls locker room, blood dripping from her wrists. Luckily I found her in time, called an ambulance, and she was okay.

If she died.... I could have prevented it. It's not something you can just forget. 

When she came back to school, it got worse, I didn't''t think it was possible but it did. So, I stood up for her. Got in a fist fight, too. No one messes with her now. 

This is an example. If you or someone in your school is getting bullied, don't just stand there. Do something about it. Tell the bullies to stop, see a counselor, tell the principal, parents, start a help group. Anything you can do to help or prevent it, do it. 

I hate bullies. Some bullies don't know what they're doing so I'm hoping they realize it now. 

That was February 18th, the day she came back to school. February 22nd was the day of my first detention for the fight. Ever since, no one bothered her. You can do the same, don't beat anyone up or anything (unless you need to, I'm skilled in the martial arts so that's why it isn't a risk for me, I don't know about you) just be heard. Tell them it's wrong. 

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