Who Would Have Thought

Steph is One Direction's biggest fan and all she wanted for her birthday was a tweet from one of the boys, especially Harry. Who would have thought this all would have started with a tweet.



8. The Florida Shows

"Steph, what time will you be back?" My dad asked. Tonight I'm going to the boys' concert. I'm on vacation for 10 days here in Florida and the boys have 3 shows in Orlando this week. Plus they also have a few days after it off again. Surprisingly they have a few days here and there to just relax, which is good for them, they work too hard.


"Umm.. well I'm not sure. The concert's done around 10:30 but-"


"But you're gonna hang with Harry after right? And tomorrow the girls are coming over for dinner?" My mom walked through the door.


"Yeah, that's still ok right?" I asked.


"Yeah of course! I want to meet them. You're going to California with them so I want to actually meet them before I let you go." My mom gave me a hug and grabbed the keys. "I'll be in the car waiting. Don't forget your VIP pass to get in."


I forgot to mention, Harry invited me to the Kids' Choice Awards at the end of the month. (Which means next week because July is ending soon.) So I'll be there for 3 days. I know it all seems to unreal and happening so fast, but Harry does really like me. We text everyday, call a lot, and video chat tons. I may actually love him.


I get in the car and my mom pulls out of our house for the week. "Is Harry bringing you home tonight?" She asks.


"Yeah. He'll drop me off later tonight."


"Steph.. I hope you're being safe."


"MOM! No! We have't uh... no." I shake my head awkwardly laughing. I cannot believe my mom just said that to me!


"WHAT? I'm being serious! You're 17 years old. You know what's right and wrong. And I just want to make sure. Plus, Harry's 19 so he should know better."


"Ok mom. We're fine. If there was a problem I'd tell you." I end the conversation. Harry and I haven't done the dirty deed yet, but I'm hoping the night of the KCA's we will. A little insight to you; I'm a virgin, but I've always dreamed of loosing my V card to Harry. But I also never thought I'd meet him. I was close this one time with my ex Zach. We dated for 2 months and the night we were planning on sleeping together I found out he was cheating on me, so obviously I wasn't going to go through with him.


"Bye honey! Call me when you leave!" My mom shouts as she drops me off in front of the arena.


Harry asked if I wanted to meet with him before the concert, but I protested. I said it'd be better to see each other after so that we can be together for the rest of the night; he agreed. But he did give me VIP tickets and lounge so hang with Eleanor and Danielle. Perrie had a bunch of Little Mix things she had to do so she went back to London.


I get passed the entrance and I walk into the arena. Fans are everywhere saying hi to me and smiling. I felt like a celebrity. Anyways I walk to my seat in the VIP section. "STEPH!" Eleanor comes running to me! "How are you! Oh darling we've missed you!"


"I've missed you guys too!" I say as I hug Eleanor and Danielle.


We chit chat for a bit and take pics with fans who are by the barricades of the VIP entrance. 5 Seconds of Summer play and then there's a little break. But then the lights go down and us girls take our seats. Dani and El sit down and I stand up. 


"What are you doing? Stand up!" I say and grab their arms.


"We've seen the show more than like 100 times!" Danielle laughs.


"So what? I'd see it 100 more times if I could and still party hard!" I laugh and we hear the opening chords.


"And this is why Harry loves you!" Danielle says to me and we all laugh and start to have a great time.

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