Who Would Have Thought

Steph is One Direction's biggest fan and all she wanted for her birthday was a tweet from one of the boys, especially Harry. Who would have thought this all would have started with a tweet.



7. My Babe

"STEPH!" Harry says as he sees me in the lobby of his hotel.


"Hey Harry!" I smile and we share a hug. We chit chat until we get in the elevator.


Harry and I texted the entire week we were apart. And it was mostly him who texted me first (I didn't want to be annoying or anything.) I also texted the girls too. They seem to like me and I like them. We're planning on meeting up when I go on vacation soon. The boys are performing in Florida for a few days and oddly enough, the shows are within the same week that I'm down there on sumer vacation.


Anyway, we get in the elevator and Harry wraps his arms around me tightly as I wrap mine around his neck. He kisses my neck softly and I can feel him smile.


"Missed you." He whispers and looks into my eyes.


"I missed you too!" I smile, blushing.


Just then the elevator door opens and two boys walk in. They look at us and it kind of got a little awkward. You see, Harry's hands are on my waist and mine are on his shoulder, and we were very close. The boys make a shocked face and crack a little laugh as Harry and I let go a little bit; his arm still around my shoulder.


"Hey. Aren't you Harry Styles from that band. Um... One Direction?" The boy asks, breaking the silence.


"Yeah!" Harry says a little confused. Why would a 20 year old looking boy like One Direction. Not judging but a little strange.


"I knew you looked familiar. My sister loves you. She's 16. Her name's Clarissa." The boy says.


"Aww well then tell her I love her too." Harry says and thankfully the doors opened and this was Harry's floor. "Nice to meet you!" And Harry takes my hand and we walk to his room.


"That was a little awkward." I blurted out laughing.


"Yeah, just a little. You were so quiet. Not at all like yourself." He's trying to find his card in his pockets.


I made a face and sarcastically cough. "Like you know me." I laugh. "Harry! Your key is in your butt pocket!"


"Steph, why are you looking at my bum?" He laughs and opens the door and leads me in.


"I wasn't looking at your bum Mr. Styles." I say.


"Well I'm looking at yours." Harry says sexily.


I turn around and hide my butt. "How dare you?" I step closer to Harry. "You know. They say you're the perverted one out of the group... I thought it was a rumor but I guess not." I laugh.


"Yeah well, what can I say. Only to the girls I like." And he dips his head down and kisses me. "I've been wanting to do that since last week when we said goodbye."


"Well. I'm here now!" I say and we make our way to the couch. Just then I see Harry's phone light up. "You have a message." I say and hand Harry his phone. I almost sat on it because it was on the couch.


"Oh thanks." He looks down and gives a little snort.


"What?" I ask standing up placing my hands on his which are holding his phone.


"I guess the guy from the elevator told his sister that we talked and she messaged me on twitter. I must be following her."


"What's she say?" I asked and we sat down on the couch.


"She said..." Harry continues to get on twitter on his phone." She said and I quote, 'I LOVE YOU TOO HARRY! PLEASE RESPOND! ps- who's the new girl. My brother told me she's pretty.. damn but i hope you're happy together!' That was nice." 


I give a small smile. "Yeah it was. Respond to her!"




"Say something back. It'll make her year, trust me I would know." I laugh and sit directly facing Harry.


"Only after this...." And I knew what Harry meant so I rolled my eyes and he leaned in. We hooked up for a good few minutes but then my phone buzzed. A twitter notification.


"Woah! A bunch of people just followed me!" I totally freaked out because I love getting more followers.


Harry laughed and hugged me close. I guess you can call it cuddling. "Ok gimme your phone." I said and put my hand out for Harry to give it me.


"Why? Steph, what are you doing?" Harry said as he handed me his phone.


"You'll see." I smirk and I dm the girl back. 'Hi babe! xx.' Harry let me send it to her. Then he tweeted; something I did not expect him to tweet.


Twitter notification and text. @Harry_Styles: Everyone go follow my babe @StephBradshaw19 :)xx.


"HARRY!" I say. "You didn't have to do that! Now your fans are gonna think we're dating!"


"Well aren't we?" Harry said and I giggled. "Steph, I know we don't know each other that much but I really like you and I'd love to hang out a lot more. The lads seem to like you too and you get along so well with the girls. So would you want to be my girlfriend?"


I stopped breathing. I couldn't believe this was happening!!!


"Harry! I'd love to be our girlfriend! YES YES! I accept!!" I scream and hug him and we kiss.


For the rest of the day we share kisses, hugs, eat food, and watch tv. Just a day of hanging our and relaxing. I loved it! By the time I left, there were fans outside the hotel and they kinda sorta not really almost mobbed me. Harry sent a car to pick me up earlier and the same car is bringing me back to my house as well. But Harry walked me out to the car and their were a few girls outside. Harry and I hugged goodbye and I was off. Later that day Harry texted me that the girls thought I was really pretty. I went to sleep smiling.

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