Who Would Have Thought

Steph is One Direction's biggest fan and all she wanted for her birthday was a tweet from one of the boys, especially Harry. Who would have thought this all would have started with a tweet.



9. L.O.V.E.

The concert was amazing as usual! Harry saw me in the crowd and waved at me. During one of the songs, during Harry's solo, Liam and Zayn kept screaming my name while Harry was singing. It was actually really cute! Harry had to stop singing because he was laughing too hard.


After the concert, after everyone left, Harry, Liam, and Louis came out to get us. Zayn and Niall came out for a little bit but then went to their hotel because they weren't feeling too well.


"Hey babe!" Harry said to me as he wraps me in his arms. "Missed you like crazy!" And he leans to me and kisses my lips so gently. He then pulls back and rests his head in my neck and kisses my neck. I giggle and hold him close.


"Missed you too! The show was great!" I smile.


"Alright. You two are so mushy!" Louis says and hits Harry. "Get a room!"


"Hahahaha thanks Lou! El, can you control him?" Harry laughs.


"I gave up a long time ago." Eleanor says.


We catch up with the boys and finally Harry and I get some alone time. He takes my hand and leads me to his dressing room. I grab his shirt and he lifts me up onto the table that's in the room. Harry's standing in between my legs and I pull him close.


"Steph... I love you." Harry whispers to me.


Before Harry could even kiss me I place my arms around his necks and on his lips I whisper, "I love you too Harry."


I can feel Harry's smile on my lips as he kissed me. My left hand gets intertwined with Harry's hand and my other hand gets tangled in his hair. We hook up for a bit but then Harry's phone rings.


"Hello?" Harry talks into the phone. "It's Niall." He mouths to me. He's still super close to me, so I start to kiss his neck and hum into his skin. "Dude, I- I uhh.. I gotta call you back."


I smirk, nod to Harry and take his phone away. I get up and swing Harry so that his back is up against the wall. I take off his shirt and he starts to lift mine up until we hear a knock on the door.


"Steph, Harry? We're getting pizza. Do you want to come? El and Lou went back to the hotel..?" Liam shouts.


"Haha. Yeah, we'll be right there!" I yell to the door.


"Save it for later!" Harry winks and we both laugh. I help him put his shirt on and hum the song L.O.V.E. by Nat King Cole. As Harry fixes his hair, I start to actually belt it out.


I then stop and jump and because I feel Harry's arms snake around my waist.


"I didn't know you were a singer. You're really good."


"No really, Harry, I'm not. Haha. don't get any ideas. I don't sing."


"Please. Just sing it with me for a second." Harry pleads.


"Absolutely not. Nope. Sorry." I take Harry's hands off of me and turn to face him.


"L. Is for the way you look at me...." Harry starts to sing so I roll my eyes and sing along with him. I jump on his back and we sing it on the top of our lungs all the way down the hall until we meet up with Liam and Danielle.


I look at Danielle and she's giving me a look.


"Shut up!" I smile and we go get pizza.

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