Who Would Have Thought

Steph is One Direction's biggest fan and all she wanted for her birthday was a tweet from one of the boys, especially Harry. Who would have thought this all would have started with a tweet.



11. KCAs

"And the winner for best new breakout artist is..." Emma Stone began to present for this category. The boys looked at each other waiting patiently to hear the winner. Me, El, Dani, and Perrie are sitting a few rows behind them crossing our fingers they win.


"The winner is... ONE DIRECTION!!!" Emma blurts out and the crowd goes nuts! I scream and look at Danielle who's screaming as well. We hug each other, us girls, and clap because we're such proud girlfriends. The boys head over to the stage and they're basically skipping. They've gotten a few other awards from other award shows but every time they get so excited and you can see it.


"CONGRATULATIONS BABE!!" I say to Harry during an intermission. They all came up to our row and we gave them a hug and a quick kiss.


"Thanks! I honestly thought we weren't going to win." Harry said giving a chuckle.


"Stop, of course you would win! Everybody loves you guys!"


"Thanks love!" Harry says and the lights dim again so he gives me a small kiss on the cheek and heads back to his own seat to watch the rest of the award show.


It was so funny, all the slime and literally all my favorite celebrities were there. I've always wanted to go to the KCAs and now I can say that I finally have!


Finally the show was over and we headed back to a hotel to go to a party with everyone. They blasted music and everyone was dancing and having a great time! 


"Are you having fun?" He whispers in my ear as we're dancing together on the dance floor.


"Yes! I love California! I can't wait to see it all this week!" I smile and turn to face Harry. His hands on my back and my arms around his neck.


"I can't wait to see all of you tonight!" Harry says in my ear so only I can hear it. I give out a laugh and roll my eyes. He's such a horny teenage boy who totally wants me. It's weird to think that this never would have happened if I never tweeted him on my birthday.


"Are you ready? Can you handle me?" I say moving my eyebrows up and down.


The look on Harry's face is in awe. I forgot to mention, I know how to totally control a boy and make him drool.


"Come on, let's go see." Harry says and takes my hand and we head to our hotel. His hand is on my knee and he's gently giving me kisses on my neck, meanwhile I'm giggling.


"Stop! He's gonna hear us." I say to Harry, talking about the limo driver behind the grey wall making two separate spaces in the car; the backseat and the front seat.


"So just don't scream." Harry groans in a deep voice as he slides closer to me and we start to make out.

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