Who Would Have Thought

Steph is One Direction's biggest fan and all she wanted for her birthday was a tweet from one of the boys, especially Harry. Who would have thought this all would have started with a tweet.



13. Just The Beginning

"Babe?" Harry turned to me in the car driving to the airport. It was time for me to go back home now. This past week in California has been so amazing! It was my first awards show & first time being with Harry alone.


"Yeah?" I respond.


"I just wanted to say that I love you and I'm so happy we got to share this week together and hopefully more just like it. I'm really gonna miss you when we go our separate ways."


I had tears in my eyes. I didn't want Harry and I to split (him go back to London to work on the new album and me going back home to get ready for the new school year).


"I know I'm going to miss you too. But whenever I have breaks I'll come visit or you'll come visit so it should be fine right? If Louis and Eleanor can do it so can we right?" I smile and kiss him.


"You're right." Harry smiles.


"Plus. This is only just the beginning of us!"




****THE END****

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