Who Would Have Thought

Steph is One Direction's biggest fan and all she wanted for her birthday was a tweet from one of the boys, especially Harry. Who would have thought this all would have started with a tweet.



5. I Win


I think I see Luke & Michael! I texted Eleanor. We split up into groups of two so we had 7 groups. We realized that we weren’t allowed to actually go on the rides because no one will be there to control it, so we had a better idea. Since it’s July and it’s SUPER hot outside we decided that we’d have a water gun fight. So we split into pairs and all got water guns and we had the whole park to play.


If your teammate gets shot then they’re out, but you’re still in. You can make alliances and hide the entire time if you wanted to.


So far after an hour and a half, these were the people that were left: Me and Jane. Harry & Niall. Luke & Michael. And Eleanor & Ashton. El and I made an alliance and we were trying to get Luke and Michael out because apparently they’re really good at water gun fights and we wanted to win.


“GOTCHA!!!” Jane and I shouted as we shot Luke and Michael.


“NOOOOO!!!” Luke said.


“Haha. Sorry!” Jane laughed and Luke started to shoot at us too. Michael also joined in.


“Guys!! You’re out! You lose! Stop!!!” Jane laughed and I laughed with her. We started to run and we ended up in the girls’ bathroom so the boys left.


“I’ll text El.” Jane said. “Should we go and find Harry and Niall?”


“Yeah! Hold on a sec.” I said as I was fixing my hair. Jane opened the door and screamed.


“Bulls eye!!” I heard Harry say. He just shot Jane!


“HARRY I’M GONNA GET YOU!!!” I say while laughing. I forgot to mention that once you’ve been shot you have to go back to the stage and just chill there until there is a winner.


“Unless I get you first!” Harry says back.


I decide to just camp out in the bathroom for a little bit, listening to see if I can hear Niall and Harry move. I text El, Janie’s been shot. What about you!?


Haha!! So have I. It’s just you, Harry, Niall, and Michael good luck!! Xx


Great! I’m the only girl left. I decide to escape the bathroom and I make a run for it. I hide behind a light post and listen. I hear someone coming behind me and I point my water gun and shoot.


“DAMMIT!!” Niall says.


“Sorry Niall!” I laugh and run. It’s so weird. Even though I just met everyone today, I feel like I’m best friends with them and I’ve known them forever! As I smile to myself I feel my phone buzz.


From Eleanor, It’s just you and Harry. ;)


Uh oh! I think to myself.


After 10 minutes of just walking around trying to find Harry I finally see him. He’s got his back to me and he’s hiding behind a tree.


“Don’t move.” I say to him and his head flips to me. It was like a movie, now that I play it back. My water gun was pointed toward him. When I spoke to him, his head moved in slow motion, making his hair flip to me with a scared, oh you just caught me, expression.


“NO! Let me win!!” Harry says as he walks towards me.


“Why?” I ask sexily, playing games with him, my gun ready to press the trigger for water to squirt him.


“Cos you’re not supposed to win Steph.” He smirked.


“I’m not?” I ask.


“No. I am! I always win.” Harry takes a step closer to me.


“But what if I want to win?” I say taking a step closer to him. We’re now about two feet apart. My gun still gonna get him if he’s planning something.


“Sorry, no can do.” He smiles.


“I’ll tell ya what...” I take a deep breath. This is where I get the balls to do something I would NEVER do to anyone, especially Harry Styles. “…I’ll let you win. If….”


“If what?” Harry says taking another step to me, the tip of my gun on his chest.


“If you kiss me.” I smirk. I could barely get those words out of my mouth. With that Harry’s lips hover over mine. His hand holding his gun and the other on my hip. I lick my lips and whisper, just before his lips touch mine, “I win.” And I press the trigger and shoot Harry.


Harry jumps back, laughing and screams, “STEPH!” And he’s laughing.


“Sorry.” I smirk and laugh.


Harry then starts to chase me. I’m running fast but I’m no match for Harry. We’re right outside the arena gates when he grabs me waist and spins me in his grasp.


“I have you know!!” Harry laughs.


“Let me go Harry!!” I try to get out, but I also didn’t try because I wanted to be in his arms. I place my arms on his collarbones and smile at him.


“I’ll let you out under one condition.” Harry smirks. Uh-oh.


“And what would that be? Huh?”


“Kiss me.” I wasn’t going to say no to this one was I? I finally got to do what I’ve been wanting to do since I laid eyes on Harry (on my iPod when What Makes You Beautiful came on). I finally was going to kiss him.


His hands are holding me close to his chest and my hands are stuck between me and him. I look to him and he watches my lips. Finally I grab his shirt and pull him towards me and our lips touch. My lips onto his his, close enough so that nothing can come in between us.


When we draw back for air, Harry whispers before taking my hand, “I think I win.” And he smirks as I playfully hit his chest.

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