Who Would Have Thought

Steph is One Direction's biggest fan and all she wanted for her birthday was a tweet from one of the boys, especially Harry. Who would have thought this all would have started with a tweet.



2. DM


I wake up with a smile because yesterday was such a good day. I finally turned 17, got my license, & the best part on top of all the other gifts, Harry Styles from One Direction is following on twitter. I rip my phone off the alarm and “One Way or Another” by One Direction stops. I then see that I have a notification from twitter. It says that Harry DMed me back…. HE DMED ME BACK!!! I get really excited all of a sudden and my hands are shaking. I log on to twitter through my phone and check my Dms.


So glad I could make your bday. Happy bday by the way. Xx. What did you get?


Is Harry trying to make conversation with me? Is this actually happening? I shake my head and decide to wait on DMing him back and see what Jane and my other friends say.


“What do I say?!” I ask Jane and my other friend Taylor.


“Well tell him what you got!” Taylor shouted smiling. She’s not One Direction’s number one fan or anything, but she puts up with me and Jane about them. I think she’s secretly a closet directioner.


“Ok I’ll do it, but later! I can’t believehe actually responded!” I smiled and headed off to class.


After telling basically all my teachers and classmates in every class that Harry is following me on twitter and we’re having a conversation, I can’t control myself anymore and decide to DM him back. I get to study hall and get on twitter.


Hey! Besides a follow from u. I got my license, $$, & clothes. Typical girl stuff. Lol :)


As soon as I turn my phone off the screen lights up with a DM from Harry. Damn he’s fast! I let out a squeal and everyone Shh’s me and I laugh and say sorry.


Sweet! How’s your day been? Xx.


I’m actually having a conversation with Harry Styles…. MY CRUSH!!


It’s been good, and you?!


I’ve actually been wondering that for a while, I might as well ask him while I have his attention. I’m slowly getting tears in my eyes because I still can’t believe this.


“Mine’s been good too :) we have a show tm so stuck on the tour bus. U coming to any?


I let out another squeal.

Yea! I’m going in July to Hershey Park, PA. with one of my friends, you should follow her. @janiejane11


Jane has a crush on Harry as well, but not as hard as I do. She loves them all, especially Liam! But she absolutely loves Danielle and Liam together so she kinda accepted the fact that she’s not going to be able to marry Liam.


Haha. Smooth intro. I’ll do it now! :) Talk 2 u soon?


TALK TO ME SOON?! What’s going on? Am I dreaming?


Haha I had to try! And yea have a good night Harry!


Thanks you 2! Xx.


Just. Had. A. Conversation. With. Harry. Styles. From. One. Direction.


So for a few days, almost a week, Harry and I have been DMing back and forth. Basically about nothing, like small questions with small answers because you can only respond with like 140 characters and it get really annoying. We actually talked about that. But anyway, I kept my promise to myself that I wouldn’t tweet out to the world that Harry and I are having conversations, he’s normal right. HAHAHA Except for being a famous pop star. I’m normal too… HAHAHA except for being a crazy fan who’s obsessed with Harry and One Direction and would totally marry all of them!


Hi Steph! How are you love? Xx.


I’m good how are you? Going to my grandparent’s house.


Nice. Going for dinner.


I’m going for lunch, you’re going for dinner. Its so strange haha


Yea, but it’s kinda funny too.


So… you should snap chat me once. ;) Shit! I’m being that annoying fan… whatever it’s worth a shot.


Haha. See I knew it couldn’t last that long. Xx.


What last long? Sorry.


Don’t be. & you asking for my # and stuff like that :)


Well 1- I didn’t ask for your # ;) and 2- I’m a huge fan so get used to it!! Haha


I waited and waited and waited for a reply from Harry, but I got nothing. I decided that I shouldn’t frown over it because he’s probably really busy and shouldn’t be bothered.


My grandparents’ house was great! We had lunch and just relaxed. My cousins came over and we went to the park. We used to always go to the park when we were younger and it brought back so many memories. I feel my phone buzz and my heart stops, thinking it’s Harry. It wasn’t it was my mom texting me to come back home because it’s getting too dark and we’re leaving soon. I grab my cousins and younger brother and we head home.


I’m in the car and my phone lights up. DM for Harry.


“BAHH!” I squeal and my parents look at me. “Sorry.”


“Harry?” My mom asks. I’ve basically told my family everything and almost cry every time because I’m actually having real conversations with Harry. Now if only I could meet him…?


Sorry. Phone died. 07943-709842. Hstyles01. Xx. :)


“OH MY GOD! HARRY JUST GAVE ME HIS NUMBER AND SNAPCHAT!!!!” I screamed in the car and I have tears in my eyes!!! Can I be dreaming!?!?


“Steph… relax!!! Are you sure it’s him?” My mom asked.


“Of course it’s him!! He’s got like 13 million followers! It’s him! Oh my god, he trusts me. I’m actually falling in love! EEPPP!”


My parents and brother laugh and roll their eyes. I decide that I won’t text Harry until tomorrow when I wake up. Play a little hard to get, even though I’m legit dying!!!

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