Who Would Have Thought

Steph is One Direction's biggest fan and all she wanted for her birthday was a tweet from one of the boys, especially Harry. Who would have thought this all would have started with a tweet.



3. Boundaries


I take a deep breath and press send.


Hi Harry! It’s Steph Bradshaw!! :)


I immediately call Jane! I called her last night when Harry gave me his number. She begged me to give it to her but I refused. He trusted me in giving it to me, so I wasn’t going to spill it out. I did however say that if it’s ok I’ll give her his snapchat.


“I pressed send. Jane I’m nervous!” I confess.


“Don’t be!! He’ll love you! Did you snap chat him yet?” Jane asks!

“No, not yet. I’m too scared, plus I’ve been in my glasses and sweats the entire day so I’ll wait til tonight.” I smiled. Tonight my friends and I are celebrating my birthday. (My birthday was Monday, and it’s now Friday. We had off from school yesterday).


“Yes! You’ve gotta look so pretty. Maybe you should hide your face.” Jane laughs.


“Ha. Ha. You’re funny. But seriously, I have to. I can’t believe it Jane. Our dreams are coming true!” Jane and I talk for a few more minutes, but I had to call my parents. Even though I’m 17, they treat me like a 10 year old. They’re at my 13 yea rold brothers lacrosse game in Maryland somewhere. We live in New Jersey. So they left pretty early.


I call my parents and when I’m done, I check my phone. A text from Harry. OASRJGOG!!!!


Hey Steph! How’s your day been? He asks.


Well I just woke up. So for those 10 minutes, well. And you?


Haha. I forgot about the time difference. Mine’s good! So what’s your snap chat?


He’s actually asking for my snap chat?


Sorry I don’t give it out to strangers… jk!! Bradshaw19. Is that a hint that I may be receiving a snap chat soon?


We’ll see xx. :) Harry said but I didn’t text him back. I didn’t want to be annoying. But he texts me again… So about you having my number. There are some boundaries.. umm. Can I call you?


He didn’t even give me a chance to respond when his number popped up on my screen. I let it ring twice for mltiple reasons. But the main was because I was totally freaking and didn’t know if I’d be able to breathe.


“Hello?” I say.


“Hi, Steph?” He says in his sweet, but husky British accent.


“Yeah?” I play dumb.


“It’s Harry.” I leave a pause. It’s actually fun playing with him. “ Umm.. Harry Styles?” he says again.


“Oh yeah Hey! What’s up?” I laugh.


“You were playing dumb weren’t you? See I already know you even though I don’t.” Harry laughs. Oh his laugh kills me!!


“Maybe a little bit. But Hey! Now you know how I feel. It’s really nice to talk to you. I’ve been wanting to talk to you for an entire year! I can’t believe it.” And with that said my fangirl kicked in and I was explaining how obsessed Jane and I are and I was just about to cry when…


“Steph. Breathe. I wanna talk to you. Hahaha. You know you can’t give out my number or snap chat or anything else in that area out to people right?” Harry explains.


“Oh no! Of course not! I would never! No no no!” After Harry repeats what I can’t do being friends with him, yes he said that we’re friends, we get to the good part.


“So you said you’re coming to our concert in Hershey right? Well I want to meet you. So do you think you’d want to come back stage before and after the concert and we could get to know each other.” Harry asks really quickly and to be honest he sounded nervous.


“Are you nervous to talk to me? Is the Harry Styles form One Direction nervous to talk to me, Steph Bradshaw? Our lives must have switched.” I laugh into the phone.


“No! I’m not nervous…” Harry laughs. “But what do you say? Will you meet me?”


“Harry. Is that even a question? I would LOVE to! Thank you!!!”


Harry and I talk for hours on end. We text everyday and send each other snap chats. It’s funny because in my phone, he’s under Harry (his name duh) and I tell my friends that it’s actually him and no one believes me so it’s perfect! Only Jane knows that it’s actually him. Jane has actually had conversations with him and we always send him snap chats. It’s honestly so awesome! And just to think it all started with one tweet. Well, one out of like a million that I’ve sent to him asking for a follow/tweet before my birthday.

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