The Depressions

These are stories I have written abour seprate people. They are not real, just people in my imagination. They are apart of me in a way showing how I have felt and stuff like that, if you don't like depressing things, or mentions of blood and stuff like that then please do not read these. If they don't bother you then go on a head.
I am hoping to have a new person's story up each week. Or I will post on weekends and still have time to add more too my other stories. I know I have a few other things too catch up on here. Well, I'll go since this really isn't about the story so yeah, bye now.


2. Jenny

'Your a mistake' 'Your going no where in life' these are just a few of the things Jenny was told all her life. When she was just a child her father would beat her and her mother for no reason. Not many people knew about the things her father had done to her and her mother, she wished things could change but nothing ever did. 

As the years went by Jenny's mum had had enough and left her father taking Jenny with her. Of course her father had tried to get her to stop, but her mother didn't give into him. Jenny went to school like any normal girl after that. Jenny didn't really have any friends, she couldn't open up to anyone so she kept to herself. The bruises and cuts her father had made never seemed to leave, so she was always wearing things to cover them up. 

The harm her father had caused Jenny never left, all the memories, all the pain all the hurt, she could never sleep because she thought her father would come and harm her.

By the time High School came around most of the scars and bruises had left her skin, Jenny had made a few friends, but they were also friends with girls who were popular. One night Jenny and her friends were invited to a party, Jenny's friends had convinced her to go and so she did. 

It was like any other high school party, there were people drinking, some drunk couples kissing the wrong person which they would regret when they all saw the photo's online that people had taken. Jenny wasn't much of a big drinker but she was being offered drinks multiple times that she just gave in and took one. 

One turned into another into another into another, by the time it was 10:30 PM Jenny was wasted, she danced and acted like someone she wasn't. 

As the party went on she met a guy she never knew, they danced when the dance started to get a little heated it turned into a make out session. Jenny felt her feet leave the ground while she kissed this mysterious stranger. This was the first guy Jenny had ever done something like this with, she didn't know where it would lead too.


-After the party-

It was Saturday morning around 9 :00 AM when Jenny woke up, she looked around and saw she wasn't in her own house, in the bedroom she was used to being in. She looked beside her and saw that there was a random guy beside her, Jenny couldn't remember anything that happened the night before and she was sure she didn't want too. 


When a friend had told her what happened she was in complete shock, she went and told her mother exactly what her friend told her and her mother was disgusted with her daughter and what she had done. She was ashamed with her that she stopped talking with her and made her leave the house. Jenny was on her own for months, she had to quit school and leave her friends. 

For months Jenny had been living in depression and still has been.



This one isn't as good as the first but I couldn't think of anything to write I started to lose interest with this one and wrote complete shit. I'm sorry DX

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