The Depressions

These are stories I have written abour seprate people. They are not real, just people in my imagination. They are apart of me in a way showing how I have felt and stuff like that, if you don't like depressing things, or mentions of blood and stuff like that then please do not read these. If they don't bother you then go on a head.
I am hoping to have a new person's story up each week. Or I will post on weekends and still have time to add more too my other stories. I know I have a few other things too catch up on here. Well, I'll go since this really isn't about the story so yeah, bye now.


1. Daniel

There once was a smal boy named Daniel, for most of his life his family has lived with low income. He never really minded this, money wasn't really important to him, he was greatful that his parents had used some of their extra money to make sure he got a good education with the supplies he needed. Daniel was told everyday that he was special, when he got to school on the other hand he was always told different by the other kids. He would be told he was a idiot, stupid and different. The kids would stare at him on the playground and point at him and just laugh at him. He never understood why they did this 'why are they doing this? I'm always kind to them, I treat them with the same respect I give my parents' Daniel would think. He never told his family what the kids said to him, even though he was young he thought he'd be able to figure it out for himself.

As the years went on he never did figure out why they were still mean to him.When it got around to the time when he was at High school the vocabulary had gotten worse. They started calling him a fag and homo  and other words. The older students would wait for Daniel outside and they would beat him up, when his mother would ask what happened he'd just say something happened in P.E and would go straight for his room. His parents would ask how his day went and he would just shrug and say "fine.."  and leave it at that.

One day before coming home from school Daniel went to the hardware store and picked up a package of razors. Daniel had hit his breaking point. He knew what he wanted to do wasn't right but he needed someway to get the pain to go away. When night fall came is when he chose to do his act of business, his parents had gone to bed already so they had no clue what he was doing. He got a rag from under the sink in the bathroom and went straight back too his room. He sat on his wooden floor with his package of razors and rag in front of him. He picked up the package slowly and opened the bag slowly and as quietly as he could.

Daniel picked up one of the razors slowly and examined it carefully. He took a deep breath and brought it close too his wrist. He slit across his skin slowly and bit his lip too stop himself from hissing in pain. He watched the red thick liquid drip onto the floor. After a coupe of minutes of watching his blood drip onto the floor he had chosen to finally clean his wrist and the floor. This had continued on for a while, Daniel would cover his scars by wearing long sleeved shirts no matter what the temperature was. If he ran out of razors he would just go back and buy more.

But one day during school something happened... Someone had started a horrible rumor about Daniel, he knew that none of it was true. But something inside of him snapped. He knew cutting wasn't going to help him this needed something more than that. It took the rest of the school day but he made his final decision. He was going to commit suicide.

He picked the less painful way to kill himself, he was going to drown himself. Daniel knew his parents were going to be out when he got home, so he chose to write a good bye letter to them before the act. As he walked home he started to think what the letter was going to say. By the time he got home he knew what he was going to write. He got out a piece of paper and a pen and began to write his letter...

'Dear mom and dad,

I'm sorry all this had to happen. I'm sorry you had to find me the way you did, guess no parent ever expects to find their child dead in a bathtub huh...

Anyways, I'm sorry for all the mistakes I've made in my life. I'm sorry for failing you. I'm sorry for making you worry. I'm sorry for lying all these years. I just would like you both to know that I love you both dearly and that I will miss you both. You were the only ones who really cared for me really..

I'm sorry.




He folded up the piece of paper and put it on the table outside of the bathroom. Daniel walked into the bathroom stripped out of his clothes and started the bath. When the water was at the height he wanted he turned off the water and got in. He sat there for a bit before lowering himself into the water he laid there until everything went black and he wasn't breathing.

There his body laid.


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