World so cold

This is a story about a girl who's bro is Harry Styles. She has been kidnapped since she was ten. Harry has not seen her since the day of the disappearance, and who knows maybe one day a walk in the park might change thier lives forever.



               (Harry's P.O.V)

         Its been 8 years since the last time i saw emma i miss her so bad and the cops gave up on looking for her today. I am really upset so i usally go for long walks in the park or just mope around but i don't feel like having questions asked to me. So i put a beanie on and my glasses and i walk out in the summer air.

    (Emmas P.O.V)

     As i am walking i find a park. I know i am stil in England from the sight of big ben. I sat down on a swing and i still don't know where i am. I sat there and watched the clouds above not many people are here just me and this boy wearing a beanie and some glasses. He sat down on a swing kinda close to mine and i here him sniffle. I cant stand to see people upset and besides i think i know him, but i dont know how. I got up and walked over to him .

     " are you okay?" I ask.

     " Yeah I'm" he looks up at me as if he almost scene a ghost. His face got real pale and he stands up and is stil staring at me.

   " are .. you emma styles?" he asks.

   " yes" I say very clamly. He takes off his beanie and glasses. We look the same only my hair is longer he pulls me in a real big hug.

      " um.. not to be rude but who are you?" I ask.

     " I'm your brother harry... Harry Styles." He says. My face turns into a huge smile along with his i am so happy i found him i now know i am safe and sound here with harry.

     " We have to tell mom and also you shall live with me we have one extra room, and i live with 4 other rambunctious boys that you will meet that is if you would like to."

     " yes harry i would love to live with you and i cant wait to tell mom." I feel safe and sound now and this is all im thinking is im free. I wonder how the 4 other boys will like me I hope there nice to me. 


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