The World of Ornatia

The first couple of chapters for a story I am writing.

Odelia Vernova always felt as though she never fit in. Her father disappeared with out a word and shes never met any of her family besides her mother. She felt like there was something more to her life, something magical.
Thats when the storm comes.
The storm that changes her life forever.


2. Chapter Two

"Odelia Vernova, time is of the essence, we must save Ornatia." She knew my name, how did she now my name? Her eyes lit up as if she had heard my very thoughts. "If you wish to seek answers, than come with me, you shall find all your answers where we are going." these words she spoke without ever moving her lips. Lightning flashed, this time closer, the deafening sound of thunder followed shortly after. The winds surrounding the forest began to pick up the girl turned to me once more "Quick Odelia, we must hurry."  Her hand grabbed mine, it felt unnaturally warm, her soft skin was actually soothing in a way. "No time to stand around, pick up your feet!" seeing I wasn't going to budge, she just sighed. "Forget Odelia, forget. Forgetting will only make this easier for you."

Suddenly I began to forget, forget why I was here. How did I get here? Why is it storming? My memories seemed to be lost in an empty abyss of forgetfulness.

"Just forget."

What is my name? Where am I? Who am I? I no longer knew the answer to these questions, I no longer knew my self.

"Don't struggle, forget."

The world slowly darkened to the flash and crack of the stormy night and I became alone.


"Odelia" a voice called out to me "Odelia!" it cried harder. "Etrenail, she isn't wakening! What are we going to do?"

"Calm down Revinal, no need to worry." A warm sensation wiggled its way all around me, it tingled me skin, and tickled my bones. I woke up laughing. The boy in front of me smiled, his black hair covering his emerald green eyes. I began to blush. "See I told you not to worry." he smiled once more and stood up, brushing the dirt off his brown pants.

The girl, who I assumed was Revinal just huffed, she too stood up. A smile formed on her face, she let out her hand to help me up and I graciously took it. "Thanks." I mumbled.

"No problem!" cheerfully she introduced herself "I'm Revinal, leader of the woodland tribe! This guy over there is the not so grumpy Etrenail!" Etrenail gave me a small way and a half embarresd smile "Hes the magic man of this town, so don't worry, he loves to protect outsiders." she leaned closer to me and in a whisper said "Especially the pretty ones."

"Okay shall we be going?!" Etrenail turned around, clearly he had heard Revinals last words.

"Yeah!" she grabbed my hand, and began to drag me along with them. Revinal was a tan girl, she resembled a tree, tall, thin, and had dark paintings on her sort of like a tree. A feather was in her hair which was long and sleek, her skin also felt like bark...she did after all say she was the leader of the woodland tribe.

The grass was so green it seemed unreal it seemed to go on for miles on end. The sky was a deep blue I felt like I could sink into it and never find my self again. I smiled to the sky, oddly, this was all so calming. The sun was warm, the wind blew silently, the grass felt cool beneath my feet.

Revinal and Etrenail talked to each other, Revinal playfully laughing as she teased him. His face burned red with blush as he asked her to stop...stop...

My steady pace began to slow until I stood still, unmoving, silent.




Wait. Pause. Stop.

Think. Think. Think.

How did I get here, whats going on? No longer could I remember, no longer did I know. All I could do was forget. Slowly, I began to walk again, Revinal turned around and noticed how slow I had become, she gave me an encouraging wave and smile. All I could do was forget.







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