The World of Ornatia

The first couple of chapters for a story I am writing.

Odelia Vernova always felt as though she never fit in. Her father disappeared with out a word and shes never met any of her family besides her mother. She felt like there was something more to her life, something magical.
Thats when the storm comes.
The storm that changes her life forever.


3. Chapter Three

Hours passed, the sun began to set. The winds died down and the temperature seemed to sink. Many twinkling  stars dotted the sky, an unfamiliar constellation.

"Hurry Odelia! Come on, we're almost there!" Revinal screamed though I stood next to her. Her smile seemed to lighten the sky and my mood making me forget about my sore, tired feet.

"Where are we going?"

This made her giggle "You'll see."

The anticipation was hard to bare, our pace fastened. The flickering lights of the city began to get larger and larger until we stood outside the city. It was a truly remarkable place.

Lights danced around the sign, it read The City of Lost Memories. It changed colors, some of which I've never seen, it was truly wonderful. I felt the small feeling of happiness in the pit of my stomach.

"The City of Lost Memories, the best place for you to start your journey." Etrenail stated, all the while avoiding me.

"Mhmm!" Revinal sang "The place for the forgotten thoughts, idea, memories. The lost times, the gone times. A place where our hero will begin her fate changing destiny! The place where the forgotten remember! The City of Lost Memories."

This made Etrenail laugh "Revinal, you're always so over dramatic, trust me, its not as sad as it sounds. Some times, somethings are best left forgotten." There he went again, the distant, expression on his face, the sad look in his emerald eyes. It looked almost like he was lost himself. I was about to ask him what was wrong, he turned to me a sad smile on his face. "Like me."

Revinal playfully punched him in the arm. "Common Eternail! You're a good guy, you weren't meant to be forgotten I'm sure! Every imaginary friend goes through the same thing, hey I did too! Just think Etrenail, you serve a new purpose here, you are a protector, you save people from forever disappearing! Come on, turn that frown upside down!"

This seemed to lift his heart just a little more, still the sad look in his eyes remained. "Still, I'm the reason she no longer lives..."

Revinal seemed to wilt, even she couldn't say otherwise. "What happened to her?" Maybe I was being to nosy, but still I wanted to know.

"We were playing one day, she was only ten years old at the time, her heart remind pure and truthful. We were playing tag, and she was hit by a car. Later, she died in the hospital, I will never forget the look on her parents face. The tears, the undying sadness. as they asked Why? Why my child, she was so young. It was a warm summer day, years ago yet I still remember it like it was yesterday.

"I-I'm sorry Etrenail about what happened...what was her name?"

"Hope." he said simply, a gust of wind blew gently against the grass with his words.

"Hope."I repeated. After a couple more moments of silence, I spoke again. "Etrenail, I think Hope wouldn't want you to feel sad. I know when I had an imaginary friend I loved them, and if Hope was like me then she must have loved you too. Hope wouldn't want you to think her death was your fault, she'd want you to move on, to be happy. She wouldn't want you to forget her, but she would want you to keep on living even with out her. Etrenail, she loved you."

Tears filed his eyes, slowly he walked up to me. Tightly he hugged me and whispered in my ear "Thank you."

Revinal cleared her throat "Shall we be going?"

I nodded, and together we walked on into the City of Lost Memories.


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