The World of Ornatia

The first couple of chapters for a story I am writing.

Odelia Vernova always felt as though she never fit in. Her father disappeared with out a word and shes never met any of her family besides her mother. She felt like there was something more to her life, something magical.
Thats when the storm comes.
The storm that changes her life forever.


1. Chapter One

I always wondered what lay beyond the horizons of Revinal. I believed there was something more to this life,something magical. This couldn't be it, a life so boring, so dull that even the colors seemed faded.

Today started out as a boring day in the average life of Odelia Vernova, aka, me. The clouds rolled on, its slow pace putting me to sleep. The fact that my boring history teacher kept going on and on didn't help.

I was always told that I wasn't normal, I was a freak, a monster. My mom would always hold me tight as I cried and tell me, they're just kids, and kids are mean like that honey. Then she would lean in close and whisper, very quietly so no one but me could hear. She would tell me Odelia, you will do great things in your life. Those kids, the ones who cal you a monster, they see that and they are upset. How could a small town, shy girl like you possible do more than they can? Odelia, you are special.

But like every other kid in the world, I refused to believe her, parents only say that stuff, they never mean it.

A storm was headed our way, they said it was going to be the worst we have ever seen. The clouds were a haunting black, so thick, so big that the sun could no longer fight to stay in view. School was canceled, the roads were empty, who wanted to be out in the storm? My mother, being the worry wart she is, paced around the kitchen. Her brown eyes watched the sky, fear filling them.

"Mom, please stop worrying, for all we know it could just thunder and rain a little. Remember last time they told us a huge storm was coming? They said the whole town was going to be flattened by hail. Remember how the streets were filled with cars and angry, crying people trying to get out of town? The stores were broken into, houses were burnt down, all in attempt to stay alive. Do you remember that?"

She nodded her head but remained staring at the sky "Yes I do."

"And do you remember what happened? What the storm really did?"

She smiled a little smile "Yes, all it did was snow."

"See? The weather reporters were wrong, and we all went crazy over a little snow. So if they say a large storm is coming, we have to stay calm and remember, it could just be snow."

"I know, Odelia, I know that. Still, a mother can't help but worry a little over these kinds of things. I have to protect our family because your father isn't around anymore."

Silence filled the room, thoughts filled our minds, where was he? I remember him faintly, his smile, his laugh, the look on his face when he came home and kissed me on the forehead. My father was a great man, he loved us, he loved my mother with all his heart. Didn't he? I was very litle when he disappeared, so maybe, maybe my memories are a lie. Perhaps the stories my mother told me about him are all fabricated lies to make me feel better...

It was a night like this when he disappeared, a stormy, dark, frightening night. The winds rattled the windows, thunder echoed in the distance as lightning brightened the skies. I faintly remember that night. I remember seeing him, tears covered his face as he knelt down to give me a tight hug. I faintly remember the six words he whispered into my ears as a tiny child. Take care of Mommy, protect her.  I began to cry, why was my father acting so weird? What was going on? He gave me a little smile yet his tears kept flowing. His warm, rough hands opened my tiny, fragile ones.  A small, soft object lay gently in my tiny fists, it was a flower. Leaning close he whispered in my ear Keep this safe, the key will lead you to- his words became less audible, I couldn't remember what he said next.. it will protect you and Mommy from- and thats where the memory stops. Every single moment of that day after those words is gone. Where does the key lead? Why can't I remember whats next? What happened to him? These are the memories that have haunted me, Who am I protecting her from?

"Odelia?" My mother voice asked worried. "Are you alright dear, why are you crying?"

My cheeks were wet with tears, I had been crying after all. "Its nothing mom, really."

Nodding, she looked away once more, a flash of light flicked in the dark clouds, lightning. My Mom gasped, she turned to me, her brown eyes full of fear. "Odelia, I forgot to lock the horse stalls, and you know how Ferys gets during a storm.."

"Don't worry Mom, I will go lock the stalls for you."

"Are you sure? I could go with you, I really don't mind-"

"Trust me Mom, I will be fine. I am, after all, a big girl now."

She nodded "Go, but you must be back by six. Bring a flash light and wear your rain coat, I don't want you catching a cold."

It was already 5:00pm, but the barn was a long walk from here. Rain began to pour down once I entered the half way point. Good thing Mom made me wear the rain coat, or I would be soaked to the bone. I have to hurry now, Ferys probably already going crazy. I picked up my pace, my walk became a jog, my jog became a run until I was at full speed. The winds began to pick up, my fear began to rise. Oh no, what if I don't make it? What if I die out here in the fields? What if I end up like Father and never come back? I mustn't think like this, but apparently I inherited the worry wart trait from my mother. Finally, after what seemed like hours, I reached the barn, the familiar smell of hay calmed me.  I turned on the flash light, already it was 5:30 pm, so I have to hurry. The barn held only four horses, Ferys was the most skittish, he hated thunder, and well pretty much every thing but me.

My mom always told me I was a lot like my Father. Ferys loved him, Ferys loved me, but if my Mother were to go up to him, Ferys would try and bite her. To put it short, the didn't get along.

Turning the corner, I neared his stall. "Alright Ferys, lets lock up your cage." my last few words fell from me, Ferys wasn't here. "Ferys? Where are you Ferys?" I screamed, this was bad. Ferys could hurt himself, or worse... I burst out the doors, he wasn't in the barn, he wasn't in the fields. "Ferys." I screamed like he was going to answer. A familiar neigh from behind me, Ferys was in the woods. "Don't worry Ferys, I am coming for you." 

Another neigh, and then silence. The branches tore at me skin, a few times I almost tripped but I didn't  care, I had to get Ferys. It was 5:50pm now. Mud splashed all around me, the rain poured down harder and harder, where was he? I entered a small clearing, little purple flowers covered the ground.  A powder white, Clydesdale stood in the middle of the flowers, its hair flowing gently in the wind, it was Ferys. "There you are, you had me all worried! We need to go Ferys, Mom going to worry." As I walked closer and closer to Ferys, I started to notice something. He wasn't alone, something, someone stood with him, a girl. Her hand rested on his mane, her blue eyes watched me, a smile was on her face. Even in the rain, she remained dry, the water seemed to avoid her at all costs. She looked around my age, maybe a little younger, her skin was youthful and she seemed to be glowing-no she was glowing. A soft white glow.

"Hello Odelia, I've been waiting for you." her voice was silky, almost unearthly. "We must get going, there isn't much time left." Leaving Ferys, she walked towards me, her hand outstretched for my to grab onto. "Well, come on, lets be going."

"Wait, what?"

"Odelia Vernova, time is of the essence, we must save Ornatia."




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