My Little Mermaid

My Little Mermaid is a modernized version of The Little Mermaid. Bill lives in a city of the coast were he is the prince of his society. His father is the most successful business man in the city and owns the nicest house on the water. Because of this as well as his good looks Bill is the most desired guy around. Below the surface is the rebellious princess mermaid, Marina who is longing for a taste of the world above her. She has a perfect life cut out for her under the sea, but she longs for more.


2. Chapter 2

Patrick and Fredrick escorted Bill out of Azul's general hospital. 


"I'm alright you guys, I swear!" Bill tried to explain.


"We know, we know, but we just need to make sure that you're ok, that you don't have any concussions or anything." Fredrick said to his friend.


"Yeah man, you were talking about seeing a girl on the beach but there was no one around you when we made it to you. It sounded a little delusional to me. Your father would have killed us if anything bad happened to you," Patrick continued, "I mean he's already really upset about what happened to the boat... and what was happening on the boat..." 


Bill groaned, "Ugg... I don't even want to deal with him..." but as soon as Bill spoke a sporty red convertible pulled up. It was Bill's father. Fredrick snickered, "speak of the devil."


"Bill," he demanded, "get in." Bill frowned. "I guess I'll see you guys later," Bill said as he turned to his friends.


"Yeah man, see ya," Patrick said. Bill got into the car and his dad drove off. Fredrick and Patrick turned to look at each other. "Dang," Patrick said, "I'm glad I'm not him." 


In the convertible Bill sat silently as his dad drove through the city. Azul was a beautiful city that was right on the ocean.  It seemed to be always sparkling because of the reflection of the sun onto the building's grand window's and waves of the ocean.  Bill looked out at the scenery.


The two continued to drive silently until Bill's dad finally spoke, "What were you thinking? We can't afford any bad publicity especially before our big charity ball and yet here you missing for a whole night?! What on earth happened to you?!"


Bill's dad, John, was just as tall and handsome as Bill, but with more age and wisdom. He is the biggest business man and philanthropist of Azul and was highly respected. The Azul's press often starred him in there headlines, but John did not want his missing son to be the headline of the morning paper.


"Nothing dad!" Bill snapped back.


 “Nothing?” his dad replied shocked, “you were gone all night and you want to tell me nothing happened? Patrick and Fredrick told me that you mentioned a girl; who was she and what were you doing with her?”


“Well,” Bill paused for a moment, “there was, but I don’t know who she was. She wasn’t anyone from the boat, and she wasn’t any one that I’ve seen before, but I think she may have saved me.”


Bill’s father could hear the sincerity in his son’s voice and sighed, “well, I’m glad your safe.  What would you like me to tell the press?”


Bill looked at his dad, “Just tell them what I just told you, someone brought me to the shore and took care of me until I woke up.”


Bill’s dad nodded with approval.  “I can do that.”


The two continued to drive to the edge of the city to their house.  It was a mini mansion that was taupe and white with big pillars in the front, and aquamarine shutters on the windows.  There was a long white brick driveway that led to the house with marble sculptures and a large fountain along it.  It was truly a beautiful home.  As Bill got out of the convertible he felt a nagging feeling inside of him.  He wanted to know who this girl was and why he’d never seen her before.


Meanwhile in the under the ocean, Marina was being harshly scolded Lucilia.    


“WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?!?!?!” Lucilia screeched. “Do you realize what could have happened if he saw that you were a mermaid? Or ANYONE else for that matter! You of all people should know this, I mean you are the princess of these waters!”


Marina frowned.  “I saw no harm in it.  He would have drowned if I didn’t do anything!”


“Then let him drown!” Lucilia snapped back.  Lucilia took a deep breath and asked, “Why did this human matter to you so much? Why bother with just him? Does this mean that you will go and save every drowning human from now on?”


“It’s not that,” Marina started, “I don’t know what it is, but from the moment I saw him, I was drawn to him.  Like I can’t think of anything else but him and it’s driving me nuts!”  Marina pouted at her friend.


“Oh no, no, Marina! Not that, don’t look at me like that, you know I’m being hard on you for your own good.  You have responsibilities and you need to keep us and yourself safe by not revealing us to the human world.”  Lucilia sighed,  “Come here…”


Marina slowly swam over to Lucilia.  Lucilia gave her a big hug.  “You know I’m just looking out for your tail,” she said.


“I know,” Marina replied.


Lucilia looked down on her friend and smiled, “Hey!”


Marina looked up with her lips still pouted, “hey…”


“Best friends?” Lucilia said.


Marina smile a bit, “yeah, best friends”


“Good! Now that that’s settled and that you’re never going to the surface again, lets go get our tails scrubbed ok? I know that’ll make you feel better.” Lucilia suggested. 


Marina sighed then agreed, “ok sounds good.  You have to get the seaweed and the pumice though.  I’ll meet you at the castle ok?”


“Deal! Don’t wander off ok!” Lucilia said and swam away. 


Marina was excited.  She loved getting her tail scrubbed.  She always felt so polished and perky afterwards.  Marina began to swim towards her castle a voice stopped her.


“Where are you going princess, and where do you want to go?”


“Who’s there?” She turned around frightened.


From behind a rock was a thin woman with an eel’s tail instead of a fish tail who was accompanied by a black shark with bright yellow eyes and a scar across its forehead.  She was very pale and had long, thin black hair, and beady black eyes.  Yet through all her scary appearances she was somehow alluring to Marina.


The woman replied, “I am your help child, your savior if you will.  I heard about your dream to go to the surface and I know how to help you.  If you’d like to know, just follow me.”


“But how can I trust you?” Marina asked.


“Well darling, if you ever want to see that boy again, you just have to come and find out for yourself.”  The woman smiled a big white grin.


“What is your name?” Marina inquired.


“I am Destine and I am a powerful sea witch in these waters.  I only want to serve you my dear princess.” She smiled, “so come, follow me and let’s create your destiny.”


And with that there was no helping her; Marina was in trance and began to blindly follow the sea witch and her pet.

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