My Little Mermaid

My Little Mermaid is a modernized version of The Little Mermaid. Bill lives in a city of the coast were he is the prince of his society. His father is the most successful business man in the city and owns the nicest house on the water. Because of this as well as his good looks Bill is the most desired guy around. Below the surface is the rebellious princess mermaid, Marina who is longing for a taste of the world above her. She has a perfect life cut out for her under the sea, but she longs for more.


1. Chapter 1

This is the story of a prince who had it all but was still lonely at heart, and a princess who was always seeking more.


Once upon this modern time, there was a handsome young prince named Bill.  Now Bill wasn't a prince by blood but rather by status. His father was the most wealthy and well to do business man of their city, Azul, as well as being the owner of Azul's one and only mansion, located on the tallest cliff looking over the ocean. The city of Azul was proud of Bill's father and his father's wealth because of his contributions to the city. Because of this and his good looks as well, Bill became the most sought after bachelor in his city as well as the towns around. He was tall, golden tan, dirty blonde hair, with a fit, lean body, straight nose, and piercing blue eyes. 


On the day of Bill's 20th birthday some friends of his took him out onto a private boat to party and celebrate. It was dark, the night was clear and warm and it was to be one of the best parties of the year.  But for some reason, even with his friends around him Bill felt lonely. He felt like there was something missing in his life but he couldn't put his finger on it. Meanwhile, a few feet away in the distance was a girl watching from behind a rock. This girl was thin, with light bronze skin that sparkled in the moonlight.  She had long, tangly golden blonde hair and had blue-green eyes that matched her tail. This was  no ordinary girl, but rather a mermaid. She watched the people dancing and laughing on the boat. To her it looked like it would be so much fun to have legs and be apart of a group like that. She sighed. She wished she could be up there, when all of a sudden someone caught her eye.  He was tall, fit, with the most perfectly tousled hair: Bill. She couldn't pull her eyes off him, it was like she was in trance with his movement. As she began to swim up a little closer to the boat a stern voice whispered,


"Marina!" The blonde mermaid turned around towards the voice. It was a dark haired mermaid with sharp grey-blue eyes.


"Lucilia," Marina said suprised. "What are you doing here?"


"I should be asking you that question! You know it's forbidden to be so close to humans and the surface. If your father only knew! He'd lock you up, or turn you into sushi!" Lucilia replied.


"Please, please, pleasseeee don't tell my dad!" Marina begged. "Come on Lucilia, you're my best friend and I don't want to get in trouble! I can't help that the other world is so amazing. I mean just look at the people and how they walk, dance, and laugh. I want to be doing that too. I'm sick of being underwater all the time. I want to be a part of the other world"


"Marina! That's ridiculous! And besides, you can't. Your the princess of these waters anyways. Please try to act more responsible. I know I'm your friend, but I refuse to let my friend to reckless things." Lucilia cut her off. "If you get caught, really bad things will happen to you and our kind."


"But I..." Marina began but as soon as she started to speak she heard an explosion in the background followed by screams and splashes. The two mermaids turn around in a split second to see what was going on behind them.


"Look out Marina! We have to go!" Lucilia said right before she dove into the waters. An explosion had occurred on the party boat and a fire had started. When Marina looked at it all she heard and saw was fear and desperation. People were jumping off the boat into the water. As soon as she realized what happened, Marina quickly swam up to the boat. She searched for the man she was so fixated on however she couldn't see him anywhere. Marina was swimming amongst the debris. The fire lit up her face and the faces of all the people around her. They're yell's made it harder to find this guy. Marina swam up to the boat were she saw him on the boat's floor, eyes closed and not moving.


"No..." she whispered to herself. She was desperate for a way to save him. The only possibility she could think of was to jump onto the boat and drag him off. However she couldn't do this without a grave risk in exposing herself and her kind. "But I have to save him. I have to know who he is," she said to herself and with that she climbed out of the water and onto the boat.




It was the next morning. The only sound to be heard was the ocean crashing to it's usual rhythmic beat. Marina laid besides Bill stroking his hair. She began to speak in a sweet, low voice, "Wake up my sunshine, wake up." Bill's eyes began to open. He heard the low, sweet voice of a female calling out to him. It was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard. When he tried opening his eyes at first all he could see was a dark blur that contrasted with the gold of the sun behind it, but as he started to come to a conscious state he saw her. The most beautiful girl he'd laid eyes on. She had the most perfect plump, pink lips, with big blue-green eyes, and golden hair.


"Who-" he stuttered as  began to speak, "Who are you?" 


"My name is Marina," she spoke. She grinned at him. Bill just stared back in awe and wonder of this mysterious girl in front of him. She continued to stroke his hair. Her hands felt so cool and so soft that he began to close his eyes again. "You're safe my sunshine," she whispered in his ear and the next thing he new, he was passed out again.




"Bill! Bill!" voices cried out in the background. Bill's eyes slowly began to open.


"Huh?" Bill muttered.


"There he is! Bill!" the voice of his friend Patrick said as he approached. Patrick and Fredrick were Bill's two best friends. They were sent out on a mission to find Bill. "Thank goodness you're alive!" Patrick proclaimed as he ran to the side of his best friend. 


"The whole town was worried about you man," Fredrick said. "I'm glad you're alive!"


Bill looked up and began to babble to his friends about the girl he saw. "I saw a girl," he began, "she saved me and she was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen."  The two friends looked at each other with concern.


Patrick said, "I think you might have had a concussion man, we'd better get you checked out at the hospital."


"No," Bill said, voice dry, "I really saw a girl and she saved me. Her name was Marina..."


"Ok ok," Fredrick said, "You were saved by a cute chick. But she's gone now and we gotta take care of you."


Patrick and Fredrick picked Bill up. As they began walking forward Bill looked back one last time to see if he could catch a glimpse of his mystery girl, but saw nothing but the crashing waves of the ocean.



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