Back Away

Karla, Frankie and Bella have the special markings of immortals only immortals can see. We are werewolfs and a pack that will tear the flesh out of you, if you try hurting us. We are just unseperable. When going into highschool, things only get difficult when the hottest boy band, a certain group of guys come to finish their senior year. It is forbidden for a immortal to be aware of anything beyond human nature if you know what I mean. Out of the whole group, 'Harry' gets on my nerves the most, that player..... I can already see that Frankie likes Liam and Bella likes Niall, but I can't stand that they are leaning towards breaking the rules. I do everything to protect them. I have a bad feeling that something bad is going to happen, I can feel it


1. Meeting All Of Us...

Karla's P.O.V

Hi, i'm Karla if you didn't notice yet, i won't go into huge detail about my life. But here are the stuff that you might need to know. I'm Karla Duenas, i'm 18 years old, i have thick dark brown wavy hair that goes a little past my shoulders. I am tan and i'm a little short for my age, i'm like 5'0 so yeah i'm short for my age. Yeah i have bright blue eyes and at night they are almost glowing blue. And me and my best friends are in our own pack,I am the Alpha but i don't usually beat people up unless they mess with us. Then there's Frankie she is the most craziest thing ever! She says random crap all the time, shes way too crazy and weird but that's why we all love each other, we are all sisters basically!

Frankie's P.O.V

Hey, I'm Frankie if you just can't seem to notice, i have dirty blonde hair that goes to my mid-back, i have bright hazel eyes with some green in them. I'm 18 years old and i am not that tan, i'm 5'1 i am just a little taller than Karla, i am also the Beta, I don't have any parents, well none of us do, they all died because they all left their packs, so they were killed for being on other territories  we got released from our old one, and we found new territory where we are now. I must admit, i am crazy in the brain, but it dosent really matter to the pack. But it's not just us in the pack, there's also Victoria and Danielle, we call her Dani. (NOT DANI PEAZER!) So its not just me Karla and Bella, but them too , but they never really come to pack stuff so we just let them do whatever they please.

Bella's P.O.V

HEY PEOPLES! I'm Bella if you cannot read. haha, i have long black hair that goes to my mid back  its naturally wavy and i have long black eyelashes. I'm 17, the youngest in the pack, and i'm turning 18 in 5 months, still the youngest. And i'm 5'2 1/2 so i'm taller than the Alpha! And i'm the best fighter out of the whole pack, i'm actually the 2nd Beta, it's rare but yes i am. So my packs name is Shadow Howl Silver, it's a little longer than most but no one really cares. We are the smallest pack in North America, we all live in Alaska, but where we live, it's not that cold, we usually wear shorts and tank tops, well i forgot we are werewolves so we never get cold. Oh i just heard Karla calling a group meeting, probably some new kids and her telling us to keep our distance. well i got to go bye!



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