why be a bully

my name is Summer, Louis Tomlinson is my childhood bully, he calls me names, trips me up and laughs,hits me and humiliates me, I hate him, he hates me, simple, we wasnt always like this, at one point we was actually best friends, until, that day, the day when one thing ruined my life, the day Louis turned mean, what will happen when we meet a few years later, will we still hate each other, will Louis change, will i still hate him, will he hate me, read on to find out more....... enjoy :)


27. waking up and getting ready

Still Louis' point of view

when Summer and I went out of the bathroom they all stared at us,

"what" Summer and I said in unison,

"first thing what where you doing in there" Harry smirked,

"and second, whats happened" Liam asked concerned,

"oh you mean this" I said pointing to my face, they all nodded

"oh this, well, I saw a girl I hated during school and well she did this" I said,

"are you ok" Liam asked,

"yeah im fine, thats hat Summer was doing in there with me, HARRY" I said, saying the other bits softer and then I said Harry's name a little louder, they all laughed,

"it did look dodgy though, especially that she was carrying a towel round her neck" Niall laughed,

"you filth bags" Summer scalded but laughing, then we all bursted out laughing,

"so we have 3 hours to waiste, what should we do" Harry asked,

"hmmm....." we all thought,

"what about eating" Niall spoke up, we all laughed,

"fine, ill cook" Summer laughed walking into the kitchen,

"no, I will" Harry said,

"no I will" Summer chuckled,

"get outta my kitchen" Harry yelled,

"chill, fine, have fun" she laughed,

"I will" he winked, as she turned to walk out he slapped her bum,

"Harry" she yelled playfully hitting him on the shoulder, he winked at her,

"call me" he winked, she laughed,

"ok then sweet cheeks" she laughed playing along, Harry was only joking with her, and she knew that, so she played along with him, she came and sat on the couch, and got her phone,

"Niall, pass me Harry's number" she whispered to him, at first he was confused, so was I then I realised, she was going to call him, I laughed a little, so Niall passed her Harry's number, and so she dialled it and put it to her ear, and went in the bathroom, Harry came in when isnt she lovely started to play, it was his ringtone

"looks whos popular" he boasted, haha this should be funny "hello" Harry answered,

"hey sweet cheeks" Summer replied, I heard her from the bathroom,

"Summer" Harry yelled and went to the bathroom, he picked her up and started to tickle her, she was laughing a lot, we all joined in, when Harry had done our food, we scoffed it all and cleaned up

"so we heading towards the studio then" Liam said, we all nodded and made our was to the studios

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