why be a bully

my name is Summer, Louis Tomlinson is my childhood bully, he calls me names, trips me up and laughs,hits me and humiliates me, I hate him, he hates me, simple, we wasnt always like this, at one point we was actually best friends, until, that day, the day when one thing ruined my life, the day Louis turned mean, what will happen when we meet a few years later, will we still hate each other, will Louis change, will i still hate him, will he hate me, read on to find out more....... enjoy :)


40. truth or dare

Louis' point of view

I should've known my mum would've put me with Summer, we're still not really friends, but to be honest we've not really seen her for a while coz of the tour and stuff, Summer was playing with the girls, they seem to really like her, which is really cute

"Louis, I have to rush of to my friends, she's having a baby, you can all cope here can't you, and you'll have to baby sit your sisters, but you can invite some of your friends if you like, but they have to be gone by 11, the girls need their sleep" mum yelled upstairs to us,

"right mum, and thanks" I yelled back, and so I heard the door slam shut,

"hold on, I need to set some rules to the girls, and ill invite my friends that you boys know, and there is girls Summer so you can talk with them" I said getting up and leaving the room.

I told the girls the rules I always told them whenever I baby sat them, no fighting, no screaming, ask me if they want food or drink, wow, I sound like my mum, what the heck and I called up a few mates, the girls knew all my mates so they didn't mind, and so by 7pm they had all come there were 5 girls, Lily, Jenny, Jess, Rachel and Olivia, and 3 guys, Tom, Nathan and Alex, they didn't know Summer so im safe

"hey guys" I greeted,

"hey Lou" they smiled back,

"you know the guys and this is Summer" I introduced,

 the girls soon got to know each other and become talkative, Summer wasn't usually the talkative person when she first meets someone but she seems to be fine, she must approve of my mates this time, they seemed like they we're having a laugh, for the next 3 hours we talked for a while, which brought us to 10pm, an hour left before they had to go,

"so what do you want to do" I asked them all,

"hmmm....." they all said,

"what about truth or dare" Zayn suggested, we all agreed,

"right spin the bottle and see who it lands on" Lily asked,

"right" they all said, and I spun the bottle,

"Harry" they all yelled,

"oh no" he laughed,

"truth, or dare" Tom asked,

"dare" Harry replied,

"ooooooooo" we all laughed, so we all discussed what we could make Harry do,

"we dare you to go upto Louis sister Lottie and go, im a big cheesy puff" Olivia burst out laughing,

"what" Harry laughed

 and so he did it, Lottie's face was hilarious, it was as if Harry was some weirdo, which he is, and so the game continued, near the end it was my turn,

"truth or Dare Louis" Liam asked,

"dare" I replied,

"ooooooo" they all laughed,

without even discussing it, Niall spoke up, "I dare you to kiss Summer on the lips" Niall said,

"what" I asked shocked,

"you heard the guy" Nathan laughed,

"no way" Summer said,

"its not your dare though, its Louis'" Olivia winked,

"no way" I spoke up,

"Louis, c'mon" they all screamed at me,

I looked at Summer, we told them no, and after 15 minutes of pure arguments with them, we sighed, I looked at her and she nodded,

"fine" we both growled, they all cheered,

so everyone crowded in a circle standing up, and we both went in the middle, I stepped forward where there was an only 2 inches apart, I tensed my jaw, I thought about back when we we're 10, and our old friends made us do this, I liked her then to, Summer then got a little closer, my stomach was tied in knots, I haven't done this in 9 years, I looked down at her, she looked up at me,

"go on, kiss for crying out loud" Tom urged,

we rolled our eyes and I leaned towards her closing the gap a little, each time I got closer I felt as if my heart was beating faster than it should, but why, but then the phone rang, everyone sighed,

"ill get it" Lottie yelled,

"right" I replied,

"so now you can kiss" Niall urged,

"they don't have to kiss if they don't want to" Harry spoke up,

"Harry, shush, they do" Zayn smiled, Harry rolled his eyes, what's gotten into him

so I leaned forward, we we're more closer this time, we were a cm apart, I gulped, then......

"Louis" Phoebe spoke up opening the door, Summer and I moved apart, "mum said could your friends go now, coz you need to tuck us in" she continued, thank you lil sis,

"ok then, is that ok guys" I smirked and saw Summer laughing in the corner of my eye,

"ok, bye everyone, and don't forget, you owe us" Rachel laughed, I laughed

and so we all said bye,

"so how was that" Harry asked,

"haha it was good except for the pressure on the last truth or dare" I replied,

"you love it really" Niall grinned, we both rolled our eyes,

"Louis im tired" Daisy came in rubbing her eyes, I sat her on my knee,

I soothed as she rested her head on my chest, she rubbed her eyes, I rocked her gently, humming a little melody, she yawned, I looked up at them all staring at me, smiling,

"you'll be a good dad one day" Niall smiled,

"thanks mate, you to" I smiled,

"Lou" Daisy spoke up,

"yea" I replied,

"can Summer come and tuck me in to" she asked, awkward but awww, im glad she likes Summer,

"it's upto Summer" I said looking at her,

"please Summer" she begged,

"of course" she smiled, then Daisy opened her arms for Summer to grab her, Summer picked her up and Daisy rested her head on Summer, then Phoebe came in, I did the same to Phoebe as I did to Daisy, hummed a little melody, after a few minutes they we're both asleep,

"cmon, lets put them to bed" I said to Summer she nodded,

"you guys get settled" I whispered, they nodded, and so Summer and me went into their bedroom

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