why be a bully

my name is Summer, Louis Tomlinson is my childhood bully, he calls me names, trips me up and laughs,hits me and humiliates me, I hate him, he hates me, simple, we wasnt always like this, at one point we was actually best friends, until, that day, the day when one thing ruined my life, the day Louis turned mean, what will happen when we meet a few years later, will we still hate each other, will Louis change, will i still hate him, will he hate me, read on to find out more....... enjoy :)


15. talking

Louis' point of view

wow Summer was harsh, 'I don't even know why I liked him, he was a jerk' well mind you, i did deserve it, but she used to like me, wow, I used to like her to, if i didn't go out with Megan,  could've been with Summer, woow,

"so now that Summer's gone to bed, we can talk" Niall said,

"what about" I asked,

"what we think of her" Niall replied, are they trying to punish me here,

"oh right" I said,

"so what do you think of her" Harry winked at me

"why are you winking at me" I laughed,

"coz you have loads of things in common, you both lived in Doncaster your birthdays 2 days apart, and you both like me" Harry chuckled, everyone laughed,

"hold on dude, get of your high horse" I joked,

"come on then, what do you think of her" he asked,

"she's alright, seems nice, kind, she seems a genuinely nice person and......" I started Harry cut me off

"and you think she's pretty don't you" Harry said, I rolled my eyes,

"yeah she is pretty, but I don't like her if that's what you mean" I replied,

"awwww, you will,what do you think of her Niall" Harry asked,

"she's nice, shes lovely, I think we're all gonna be really good friends with her" Niall replied,

"Zayn" Harry said turning to Zayn,

"yeah, what Niall said, she's easy going, but she's also like me, mysterious, I was thinking when she was talking about that best friend thing and being bullied, there's something in between that, that I just cant figure out, she's not telling us something" Zayn said, oh great, when they ask her, she'll spill and then they'll all hate me, perfect.

"I agree with that one, I was thinking the same thing" Niall and Harry said,

"anyway, Liam" Harry said turning to Liam,

"yeah, shes so nice, cant wait for what she writes, i think its gonna be good, its ashame about that bully situation though" Liam replied, here we go, people are actually out to get me, all I can say is im sorry, I wish I could turn back time,

"yeah, he better have an explanation for it though, and if we ever see him, he will give us an explanation, otherwise he's going to regret it" Harry said, oh I hope she don't tell them,

"so Harry, what do you think of her" I said trying to get of the subject, he went red,

"you have a crush on her don't you" I chuckled,

"no I don't" he replied,

"you do, anyway, what do you think of her" I laughed,

"I don't, and yeah, you guys have said it all, she's nice, lovely, we will be good friends with her, she seems caring to" Harry explained, we nodded, we then went of the subject and talked for a while, we then heard a groan,

"you guys still up" Summer's croaky voice asked, we all laughed,

"yeah, we was having a talk" Niall replied,

"oh right, can i join" she asked,

"yeah, of course" we all said with smiles, I wanted to get best friends with her again, back t the way we were,

"so what were you talking about" she asked,

"cheese" we all laughed,

"seriously" she asked,

"yeah, but before that, we was talking about what we think of you, and we all thought your nice, so now tell us, what you think of each of us" Zayn asked, this should be fun.

"who do you want me to start with" she asked,

"Niall" we replied, except Niall, he said Zayn,

"ok, Niall, your such a cute guy, I love your accent, and you seem sweet and carefree, and you also seem funny, also you seem such a lovable guy" she smiled,

"awww, thank you" Niall smiled, Summer smiled back,

"Niall you choose who i say about next" Summer asked,

"Zayn" he said,

"right, Zayn, I love your hair, your mysterious and that's what I like, I think its fun when your trying to see what people are like, and you learn new things about them, and you also seem funny and a nice guy" she smiled,

"awww thank you, your such a sweetie" he said, she smiled at him,

"Zayn, you choose who im gonna do next" Summer said,

"Liam" he replied,

"Liam, your such an innocent guy, your the daddy of them, I don't know you guys that well, but I can tell, your sensible, but a lovable and kind guy" she said,

"awwwwww, thank you, your in my good books" Liam chuckled, Summer laughed,

"Liam who do you choose next" Summer said, not me, not me,

"Harry" he said, phew, but oh no, im next.

"Harry, the guy with the dimples" she chuckled, " well your a cheeky chap, but you seem like the romantic type, by also what i've seen online and in the papers, your really funny and you seem to care about people" she smiled,

"thank you love" he smiled, showing his dimples,

"dimples" she screeched as she pointed at them, we all laughed,

"now Louis" Harry said, oh, this should be fun,

"uhh....well, Louis, you seem really funny, and you seem to be the joker of the group, you seem to care about the people around you, and you are a nice guy, kind, and sweet" she said, woow

"awwww thank you Summer, that's really nice" I smiled, she gave me one back,

"awwww we are going to get along fine, were going to be best friends, anyway, I think we better hit the zed's a go to sleep, we start work tomorrow" Liam said, we all nodded and got settled down to sleep, when i knew everyone was asleep, I whispered,


and again,


"yes" she whispered back,

"you wasn't asleep was you" I asked,

"no" she replied,

"thank you, for what you was saying" I said,

"its fine, I don't want the boys to make a big deal about the past, so I aint going to tell them" she said,

"thanks" I said again,

"and by the way, them things I was saying, I was saying them how you used to be when we was younger, apart from the funny bit, you actually are funny, dont expect me to be nice a lot to you though" she said, I had to smile at the but about me being funny though,

"I guessed, thanks again" I replied, "goodnight" I added,

"good night Louis" she replied, and with that, we went to sleep

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