why be a bully

my name is Summer, Louis Tomlinson is my childhood bully, he calls me names, trips me up and laughs,hits me and humiliates me, I hate him, he hates me, simple, we wasnt always like this, at one point we was actually best friends, until, that day, the day when one thing ruined my life, the day Louis turned mean, what will happen when we meet a few years later, will we still hate each other, will Louis change, will i still hate him, will he hate me, read on to find out more....... enjoy :)


5. singing

Summer's point of view

grrrr I hate that jerk, but im glad i did what i did, he needed to be told, sigh, luckily for the next two days I get a rest from him, well from working with him, he'll always be there with his idiot gang, why was he such a prick, he never used to be, I blame Megan, i don't know what she's one, or has to get him to be like that, but i tell you he's changed for the worse, and i hate him, calling me a slag. why be a bully though.

two days later

Music again, for these past two days he's been constantly calling me, he never hit me, which was good, Megan did though, I had bruises all up my arm from her punching me. so I went in music, Louis wasn't here yet, good, again i took a seat at the back, unfortunately he came in a few minutes after, I felt the chair move, and there he sat, I ignored him,

"right class, today I did say we was doing something different, and we are, we are going to be singing, with the person I paired you with, when we did the lyrics" the teacher announced, my mouth dropped, everyone gasped, no way am I doing this, and not with Louis.

"I will give you each a song, you have to learn the words and sing it, in front of the class, at the end of the lesson, and another thing, ill allocate you to a room where you can practice" she announced, so she came round giving us pieces of paper, there was loads of people whining about it, she said we had to do it, i guess I have no choice, but she didn't say we had to like it, and im far from liking the idea, so she gave us a piece of paper, great, a love song, 'You Belong With Me' by Taylor Swift (sorry if you don't like Taylor, but this was the only love song I could think of that fits in with the storyline, and was out at that time ) , the worst thing was, is that I love the song.

"you two are going in the cinema room, you have to be good though" she replied, we nodded, i sighed, he can talk first.

"so..uhhh.....we going" he asked, I nodded and we got up and went, when we arrived the door was open, so we slowly went in, I sat on the table waiting for him to talk,

"so...who's starting" he asked,

"whoever" I replied,

"you can if you want, it'd sound weird me saying, your on the phone with your girlfriend she's upset" he replied, "unless..." he smiled,

"don't even say it, ill start then, but im not good at signing" I said, trying not to smile, but I did anyway,

"I bet you are" he said, I shook my head and started

"your on the phone with your girlfriend she's upset, she's going off about something that you said, but she'll never get your humor like I do, im in the room its a typical Tuesday night im listening to the kinda music she doesn't like, but she'll never, know your story like I do, but she wears short skirts I wear t-shirts she's cheer captain and im on the bleachers, dreaming bout the day, when you wake up and find that what your looking for has been here the whole time" Louis smiled at me,

"your a good singer" he said,

"thanks" I replied,

"If you could see ,that I'm the one, who understands you, been here all along. so, why can't you see, you belong with me,
you belong with me, Walking the streets with you and your worn out jeans, I can't help thinking this is how it ought to be.
laughing on a park bench thinking to myself, hey, isn't this easy" he sang,

"you've got a good voice to" I said,

"thanks" he smiled,

"And you've got a smile, that could light up this whole town, I haven't seen it in a while, since she brought you down" I began, that bits true, I haven't seen him smile since she's been there, minus the times he's annoyed me, "You say you're fine, I know you better than that. hey, what you doing with a girl like that, She wears high heels, I wear sneakers, she's cheer captain, and I'm on the bleachers. dreaming about the day when you wake up and find, that what you're looking for has been here the whole time" I sang,

"If you could see, that I'm the one, who understands you,, been here all along. so, why can't you see, you belong with me, standing by and waiting at your backdoor, all this time how could you not know, baby, you belong with me, you belong with me, Oh, I remember you were driving to my house, In the middle of the night, I'm the one who makes you laugh, when you know you're 'bout to cry. I know your favorite songs, and you tell me about your dreams, think I know where you belong, Think I know it's with me" he sang, that used to be true to, I did used to do all those things with him, and him with me to, I miss those days

"Can't you see, that I'm the one who understands you, been here all along. so, why can't you see, you belong with me" I sang, and then we both sang the rest of it, we smiled,

"that was...uuhhh...good" he said,

"yeah I guess" I replied, we practiced it until Miss Jones came in and told us we had to perform it, once we had the whole class was clapping,

"you two have got great voices, and you also harmonize together, to be honest, you'd make a great couple" she said, what, is she nuts, Louis and I, a great couple, oh sure, Louis and I looked at each other in shocked,

"anyway go sit down, next" she said, I sighed and sat back down, listening to the rest, I kept seeing look at me in the corner of my eyes, what did the jerk want, yes i still think he's a jerk. I turned to him, he turned back around, what a weird person.  at the end of the lesson, she gave us our grades, Louis and I got an A* again.

"you two should consider doing something with either singing or being lyricist, or both" she said, we smiled and left the room, I met Lucy in the corridor,

"you and Louis was great singers" Lucy said,

"don't even say Louis or me in the same sentence again" I spat,

"still mad eh" she asked,

"too right I am" I said, and as if by magic, Louis appeared before us again, i sighed, again his gang shouted remarks at me, and so did he,

"you wonder why im still mad" I said to Lucy as we walked passed them, Megan punching me again.

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