why be a bully

my name is Summer, Louis Tomlinson is my childhood bully, he calls me names, trips me up and laughs,hits me and humiliates me, I hate him, he hates me, simple, we wasnt always like this, at one point we was actually best friends, until, that day, the day when one thing ruined my life, the day Louis turned mean, what will happen when we meet a few years later, will we still hate each other, will Louis change, will i still hate him, will he hate me, read on to find out more....... enjoy :)


22. pool with Harry

Summer's point of view

when Louis came in with that cut, I actually felt sorry for him, but when he turned around to me and said that, it got me wound up, for 5 years I had to cope, cope with the pain he caused, the pain his girlfriend caused, he didn't even try to stop it, to him, I were a joke, every night I'd come in from school, cry, and every so often I'd look at my memory box I have, it has picture of Louis and I when we were younger, I had gifts we made for each other, cards, presents, I even had a daisy chain we made one summer, I just wished the old Louis would come back. I even have a keyring that say best on it, and he had the friends one, I kept mine, no doubt he didn't

"hey Summer" Harry's voice called, which brought me back to reality,

"hey Haz, where's the others" I asked him, it had been two weeks since the incident with Louis, I had also made 2 more songs for the boys, One Thing and Up All Night, and Louis and I did the best to avoid each other, but when I needed to talk to him, or him needing to talk to me, we acted as normal as possible, the others never noticed though, I don't think anyway.

"oh, Liam went with Louis to go to the hospital to check out that wound, Niall and Zayn's gone getting something , and they told me to stay here with you" he smiled showing his dimples, I smiled back, man, i love a boy with dimples,

"oh right" I replied,

"so, what do you wanna do while we're waiting" he asked,

"uummm.... I dunno, you" I asked,

"hmmm... what about going to the indoor pool" he asked,

"we have an indoor pool" I replied,

"yep, so you wanna go" he smiled,

"sure" I replied, so we got ready, I put on my costume, after all, i didn't like my body, and Harry, woow, he had his trunks on, and maaan he looked hot,

"uhh...Harry, not that I was staring or anything, but, do you have 4 nipples" I asked, he ginned at me,

"yeah, you could say that" he winked,"why. like them?" he asked, I rolled my eyes,

"don't get to cocky Styles" I winked back,

"hard to get ay, that's one thing I didn't know" he winked, I laughed,

"oh Styles, you don't know a few things about me" I chuckled,

"well, we'll just have to have another little question and answer questions session soon then" he smiled, he's so flirty,

"sure, whenever" I replied as we made our way to the pool,

"who's going in first" he asked,

"whoever" I shrugged,

"I know, what about both of us" he suggested,

"sure" I smiled, he held out his hand for me to hold, so I did, his hands we're so big, and soft,

"now" he shouted, and we both jumped in, once we rose we laughed, we messed about in the pool for a bit, we splashed each other, we played shark with each other, we dove from the diving board, we had a great time,

"hey Summer, want to go under water and swim" Harry asked, I nodded,

"right, 1,2,3 dive" Harry said as we plunged into the water, I went as deep as I could, I can hold my breath for a long time, i saw Harry next to me, we waved, i waved back, I swam so I was near the bottom, I twisted my body round, so my back was facing the floor and my face was facing upwards, I then saw Harry swim above me, it looked cute, but awkward, we was swimming like this for a bit, it looked like we was to dolphins swimming in sync (i've seen this happening with dolphins in real life, it looks so adorable, I have a picture of it to) I then starting needing some air, so I made myself floating up, Harry followed, when we reached the top we was breathing heavily,

"well that was quite cute" he smiled, showing his dimples, them dimples get me every time,

"what was" I asked,

"us swimming then, i've seen that happen in movies and thought it was cute, I loved the way it looked on TV, awww" he chuckled, I blushed,

"same, I thought it was cute to" I blurted out without meaning to,

"time to go" he yelled,

"awwww" I groaned,

"I know shame, but the boys will be back soon" he sighed, I sighed back and we climbed out,

"hug" he smiled, while opening his arms,

so I opened my arms and hugged him, his hugs felt like a bear hug, and so safe, wow focus Summer, so you hate one guy, and think the others are cute, and nice, that's it, I need to set my priorities straight, work first, i've been through too much to trust people, I mean, i've only known them for two weeks, when we parted we made our way up to the room, he opened the door and we went in.

we had wiped ourselves and got changed into the clothes we wore earlier and put the TV on, he put the music channel on, Suit And Tie were on and then the guys came in, they had all met at mac donalds, Harry and I charged at them as they got the food ready, and so they gave out the food and so we munched on the mac donalds.

"so, what did you two do when we were all gone" Liam asked,

"we went to the pool" Harry replied,

"yeah" I said,

"oh right, did you have fun" Zayn asked,

"yep yep yep" I smiled,

"that's good, he didn't make a move on you did he" Niall chuckled,

"no he did not" I replied,

"that's good, there's one thing you gotta know about Harry he's the flirt of the group" Zayn chuckled,

"hey, do you mind, I am still in the room" Harry said, we all laughed,

"Lou, your quite mate, what's up" Liam asked,

"im fine, just tired" Louis replied,

"oh right, you should probably get some rest then" Zayn said,

"yeah, he's right, im going looking round London for a bit, anyone wanna come" Liam asked,

"I will" I said, Liam nodded,

"and me" Zayn and Niall said,

"right, are you staying here, Haz and Louis" Liam asked, they both nodded and so Liam, Niall, Zayn and me went round London for a bit

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