why be a bully

my name is Summer, Louis Tomlinson is my childhood bully, he calls me names, trips me up and laughs,hits me and humiliates me, I hate him, he hates me, simple, we wasnt always like this, at one point we was actually best friends, until, that day, the day when one thing ruined my life, the day Louis turned mean, what will happen when we meet a few years later, will we still hate each other, will Louis change, will i still hate him, will he hate me, read on to find out more....... enjoy :)


44. normal again?

Harry's point of view

I cant believe Louis was the bully Summer was scared of, and he's been here all this time, under our noses, and we never knew, we didn't even have a clue, grrr, I  hate myself for that, I can't believe we kept pushing them to be together, when really, he was her old bully, its a good job he actually had a, well, maybe a good excuse, can I really go back to being normal with him, after all he was a bully, and I can't believe she used to like him to, how could we not have seen it, im so mad, but why, it's all over, yeah he hurt Summer but she's asked us to be normal. why am I so mad, im so confused. I suppose i'll have to try and be normal.

"morning" Liam groaned at me.

"morning Liam" I chuckled at his morning voice. "are we going to be normal with Louis" I asked,

"c'mon Haz, he's our band mate, like Summer said yesterday its in the past, and its nothing to do with us, its between them two" Liam replied,

"I suppose your right" I sighed, 5 minute later after me and Liam had talked we heard a groan.

"Harry, Liam" Summer groaned,

"yep, how are you" I smiled walking over to her as she sat up in her bed wiping her eyes,

"im fine thanks, are you two" she replied with a smile,

"were good" Liam and I said in unison.

Zayn was up, which I didn't know, but he came in shirtless and fiddling with his hair, and Niall was up to, which I didn't know, he was in the kitchen, the only one wasn't up, was Louis. I walked over to Summer's bed and I hugged her, she hugged back, when we parted I smiled at her, she smiled back, but when I looked around Louis was looking at the end of the bed, awkward, but Summer smiled at him, he smiled back

"hey Lou" I smiled, it worked, I think I can actually act normal around him, knowing Summer smiled at him.

"hey Haz, and the rest of you" he half smiled,

"hey Lou" they replied, with a smile, even Summer,

"so vas happening today then" Zayn asked. just then Liam's phone rang,

"hello Paul........what...............you've got to be kidding.........for crying out loud........ok thanks bye" Liam huffed, this doesn't sound good.

Louis' point of view

what an awkward atmosphere, and Liam on the phone didn't help

"what's up Liam" Niall asked,

"the little argument yesterday Louis, Summer and Megan had has gotten to the press, apparently it's everywhere" Liam sighed,

"what" we all gasped, Liam nodded,

"for gods sake, why cant the press just stay out of it" Harry raged,

"calm down Harry" Summer soothed,

"no, this shit has nothing to do with them" he continued raging,

"chill Harry, i'll put something on twitter about it, you seriously need to chill" Summer replied,

"what do you think that Megan's twitter name is, I want to see if she's put anything" Zayn asked,

"probably something like Megan_Garner, that was her name" I replied, so Zayn went on twitter. a few minutes past.

"found her, you we're right, but its MeganGarner with no spaces" Zayn replied.

"whats she wrote" Niall and Liam asked,

"she's replied to loads of directioners who have give her hate" Zayn replied,

"how do our fans find her so quick, there better than the F.B.I, fact" Harry chuckled,

we all laughed, with him, so far everyones actually been normal with me, I just hope they stay like this, I logged on twitter and a lot of people we're talking about it, I saw a tweet though that caught my eye, 'guys you don't know the full story between @Louis_Tomlinson and @Summer, and quite frankly it has nothing to do with you so just leave it' I decided to RT this and follow her, floods of tweets came in then, I decided to see what Summer had put, she put 'guys whatever story the press has put ignore it, you don't now the whole story, plus, Louis and I are fine he's so nice, so no-one better hate on him, seriously, ps you guys are amazing :)' aww she's actually so nice.

"umm.... Louis, Summer, theres something you gotta see" Niall said scratching his head,

"what" Summer and I both said,

"I've just bought the paper, and some how theres a picture of you two, when you we're younger" he replied,

"what" we both repeated, shocked,

 and we walked over to Niall, and there stood the picture, we we're hugging, Summer had her head rested against my chest and I had my arms around her, I remember that day, it was the day we kissed, my mum never knew about the kiss and so when our friends had gone that day she asked us for a picture, we didn't mind, we thought nothing of the kiss back then so we didn't mind and we greed to have the picture, and this was it, who knew after all these years it would make us feel awkward, and me sad, how the heck did they get it,  I have so much guilt deep down its unbelievable,

"this whole thing is a mess, im sorry guys for causing all this" I sighed,

I slipped back into bed and facing the wall. just then I felt someone come in my bed,

"Lou, Summer may take some time to get through this, but we're all here for you, we always will be, we're brothers" Harry said comforting me, I turned around to see the green eyed brown curly haired boy,

"you mean it" I asked,

"yeah" all the boys said, I smiled at all of them,

"thanks" I smiled back, tears rolling down my face. they all hugged me one by one, minus Sumer, she was still on twitter,

"now whats going to happen" Zayn piped up,

"well we have to get going to the recording studios, Paul wants us to record" Liam spoke up, we nodded and all got ready. I really didn't want to face the press, so this should be fun. yaayy, sense the sarcasm there.

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