why be a bully

my name is Summer, Louis Tomlinson is my childhood bully, he calls me names, trips me up and laughs,hits me and humiliates me, I hate him, he hates me, simple, we wasnt always like this, at one point we was actually best friends, until, that day, the day when one thing ruined my life, the day Louis turned mean, what will happen when we meet a few years later, will we still hate each other, will Louis change, will i still hate him, will he hate me, read on to find out more....... enjoy :)


37. Louis' house

Still Louis' point of view

a year later, 7th June, we kept seeing Megan all over the place, luckily Summer and me weren't there both of us at the same time with the boys, I think she saw her more than me though coz of the tour, she did keep calling Summer though and I still can't believe I let someone like Megan control my life, but what could I do, she was going to stab Summer if I didn't go out with her, she was going to stab my best friend, I would've done anything for my best friends, yes, I hurt her, yes she hates me, but to be honest, it's worth it, if Megan would've killed her, I would've never have forgiven myself, ever, I just wish I could tell her, but if I do, why would she believe me, Megan liked me, that's basically what its come down to, and she wanted me, she got me, and she lost me.

 this time im stronger older, and I also have bodyguards now, so if anyone tried to hurt us, they wouldn't even get the chance. I just wish that some how, Summer could just either know the truth, or just be my friend again, but that's never going to happen, I just wish I could start it all over again, I still have things that Summer and I have had since we were kids, she's probably burnt them, I don't blame her, I was really rotten, is it right what I did? I mean, bullying my best friend, so that someone wouldn't kill her?

we have now been on a tour, and now we are just about to start creating our new album, Take Me Home, we we're at the hotel we was originally at last year, the one where we all broke Summer's bed, and nope, Summer and I still weren't friends, we talked, but we weren't as close like she was with the others, especially Harry, they we're ...not best friends as such but she was the closest with him, you cant half tell he likes her to, we had our own house, all 6 of us, we live together, our own rooms, but Paul had ordered us to go to hotels whenever we write lyrics, he figured we'd concentrate more.

"so we going to visit your house Lou" Niall asked, snapping me out of my thoughts

"what" I replied,

"don't forget, each month we visit one of our homes on the 7th of every month, this month is yours" Zayn sighed,

"oh yeah, ok" I replied, oh no, my parents and sisters we're in, my mum was sure to remember Summer, and she doesn't know about her being our lyricist yet either, that's not good, and I remember Lottie used to love Summer to when she was little, I hope she was too young to remember her,

"so lets go then" Liam announced, this was our only day off, so we better make the most of it.

so we arrived at my house, im so scared my mum's going to remember her, and blurt it out in front of everyone, then I have a lot of explaining to do. I walked in first, I was greeted by the twins, who came running upto me.

"Louis" they screamed and hugged me, I hugged them back, they hugged the guys, when they got to Summer, they looked at her,

"Louis, is this your girlfriend, she's really pretty" they smiled, all the boys laughed,

"uhhh no, she's our lyricist" I said awkwardly,

"awww maaan" they sighed, we all laughed,

"twins get up here and get dressed out of your PJ's I......." my mum yelled from up the stairs,

"muuum, Louis here with the boys and their lyrics person" Daisy yelled,

"oh right, ill be down now" she announced, oh no, I looked at Summer, she looked at me with a :/ face

"Summer can you go get the presents we got for Louis' sisters from the car, I forgot to bring them in" Harry asked,

"yeah sure, ill be right back" she smiled as Liam handed her the keys to the tour bus, which we came in,

we heard footsteps, my heart started pounding,

"Louis" she yelled screaming and hugging and kissing me,

"so where's this lyricist of yours, I need to meet everyone that's everything to do with you boys, I love meeting new friends, and come in the living room" she smiled, that's my mum for you, but she's not meeting a new friend, Fizzy and Lottie was on their laptops at the table, so we all sat on the couch

"she's gone getting some presents" I smiled,

"awww, how lovely, are you all friends with her" she asked the boys,

"yeah we are, she's great, she's our best friend" Niall smiled,

"awww, good, a girl best friend, I remember Louis' first and only girl best friend, the only one he didn't go out with" she smiled, oh no she remembers her,

"awww really, Louis had a girl best friend that he didn't go out with, what happened to her" Harry asked,

"he said because they kept arguing over things and eventually they broke friends" my mum replied

"awww what was her name" Liam asked,

"Summer" she replied, damn, she went there,

"that's so cool, our lyricist is called that to" Harry laughed,

"really" she smiled

my mum got up and went in the kitchen, I followed,

"mum theres something you gotta know" I sighed, I have to tell her before she says something,

"what have you done" my mum said,

"nothing, its about our lyricist" I replied.

"what about her" she asked, I paused

"it is Summer" I sighed,

"what" she asked,

"our lyricist is my ex best friend, were still not  exactly friends now, but the guys don't know, please don't tell them, its a really complicated situation! I begged,

"only if you promise one thing" she smiled

"depends what it is" I replied,

"if I can catch up with her" she smiled,

"of course" I laughed.

just then I heard the door, that mean Summer is here, and so my mum and me made our way to the front room, my mum was so excited.

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