why be a bully

my name is Summer, Louis Tomlinson is my childhood bully, he calls me names, trips me up and laughs,hits me and humiliates me, I hate him, he hates me, simple, we wasnt always like this, at one point we was actually best friends, until, that day, the day when one thing ruined my life, the day Louis turned mean, what will happen when we meet a few years later, will we still hate each other, will Louis change, will i still hate him, will he hate me, read on to find out more....... enjoy :)


17. in the studios part 2

Louis' point of view

woow, she's really mad at me for using our song, I didn't mean to make her mad, I don't understand why she would be mad anyway, the boys and I was recording another song, that we wrote this was the only song we had apart from, What Makes You Beautiful, it was called Everything About You, and so we sang, while Summer wrote some lyrics for us,

'its everything about you, you you, everything that you do do do, from the way that we touch baby, to the way that you kiss on me, its everything about you you you, the way you make it feel new new new, its everything about you" we all sung, after a whole day in the studio, we had recorded Everything About You, we had jotted some lyrics down, but not enough to make a full song,

"done" Summer yelled,

"what, you mean you've actually wrote a song" Zayn said, amazed,

"yeah" she smiled,

"so quick" I asked surprised,

"yeah" she replied,

"how" Niall asked,

"well, I had some ideas anyway, and wrote a few lines before I even met you guys, though i'd use them" she smiled,

"well whats it called" Liam asked,

"its called Same Mistakes" she replied,

"ok then, show us what you got" Harry said, Summer let out a big laugh,

"what" Harry asked,

"rethink what you just said" she laughed, we then all got it, and we all laughed,

"Summer, your so dirty minded" Harry laughed,

"says the one" she chuckled,

"true" he replied, and so Summer handed Harry the piece of paper, we all read it, it was actually a great song,

"wow, this is great" I complimented,

"thanks" she replied,

"it actually is, if you keep writing things like this, then you will be our permanent writer" Liam chuckled, Summer smiled,

"why thank you Liam" she grinned

"check this out uncle" Harry zoomed to Simon as he walked through the door, he had just been in a meeting, so Simon took the paper from Harry, and started reading it,

"wow these are really good" Simon smiled,

"thank you sir" she smiled,

"who inspires you to write these lyrics" he asked,

"well, different things really, some by my past experiences, and some just for fun" she smiled,

"oh right, well, if these boys are happy with these, we could use them and start recording and thinking of the music that could go to it tomorrow, if you would like and if you don't mind" Simon said,

"of course not, I am One Direction's personal lyricist anyway" she chuckled,

"what do you say boys, you want to record this" Simon asked,

"yeah" we all yelled,

"that's settled, you all can go now" Simon said, we nodded and went back to our hotel.

"so its 9 pm, im bored and not tired, anyone like that or is it just me" I asked,

"its not just you" they all moaned,

"well what do you want to do then" Niall asked,

"umm...." we all thought,

"I know, what about hide and seek but in the dark, " Niall suggested,

"wow, not played that in years, im in" Zayn said,

"me to" Harry said,

"me three" Summer agreed,

"me four" I spoke up,

"me five" Liam said, "but be careful" he added,

"so how do we play in the dark" Zayn asked,

"the person goes in the bathroom, while we all find a hiding place, then shout ready, when we're ready and they come find us" Niall explained, we all nodded,

"well whose the seeker" Liam asked,

"lets do eenie meenie to sort that out" Liam said innocently, we all laughed,

"eenie meenie, miney mo, catch a tiger by its toe, if he hollers let him go, eenie meenie miney mo" Niall sung, great it landed on me,

"your it" Zayn laughed,

"ok then" I groaned and went in the bathroom,this should be fun."and you cant go outside the room" I called,

"right" the all replied, and so counted....waiting.....

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