why be a bully

my name is Summer, Louis Tomlinson is my childhood bully, he calls me names, trips me up and laughs,hits me and humiliates me, I hate him, he hates me, simple, we wasnt always like this, at one point we was actually best friends, until, that day, the day when one thing ruined my life, the day Louis turned mean, what will happen when we meet a few years later, will we still hate each other, will Louis change, will i still hate him, will he hate me, read on to find out more....... enjoy :)


18. hide and seek

Still Louis' point of view

"ready" they all screamed

so I opened the door, and went out to the room, everything was dark, everything was silent, I slowly made my way through the room, hands in front to make sure I didn't crash into anything or anyone, I walked towards the bed, I hopped on, and felt a lump in it,, I opened the quilt and found someone,

"found you" I yelled,

"awww nuts" Zayn sighed, I laughed,

I heard a slight giggle near the wardrobe at the side of the bed, so I climbed of the bed, Zayn just sitting there, I opened the wardrobe, and felt around, my hand hit something soft,

"ahahaaa found you" I screeched,

"awww maaaan" Niall's Irish accent spoke, I laughed, I kept feeling round,

"ahahhhaaa found you to" I screamed,

"awww no fair" Liam moaned, I laughed, Liam and Niall joined Zayn on the bed, now, Harry and Summer.

so I made my way over to the window, I figured they'd be there, since there was no where else to hide, so I hunted round, it was pitch black, there was not even the shining from the moon, since it was covered by clouds, so I slowly walked towards the window, hands out in front of me, suddenly, I tripped,

"ahhhh" I screamed, as i tripped, my feet stumbled, and then I ended up bumping into someone, both of us came crashing to the ground with thud, we banged heads together and I landed on whoever it was, they was comfy i give them that, I laid my head on their chest, the others started laughing,

"oowwwww" we both moaned, I suddenly realized it weren't a guy's voice, suddenly the lights flickered on, all the boys we're laughing, I looked down to see a very annoyed Summer, 

"ooooooo, couldn't you wait till we all go to bed" Harry winked, Summer and I blushed, the position we was in really wasn't the nicest, I quickly got off her.

"who tripped me" I asked,

"well technically I didn't trip you, you tripped over me, but yeah, it was me" Harry admitted, I rolled my eyes,

"no more hide and seek in the dark" Summer moaned rubbing her head, while still sat on the floor,

"im so sorry Summer" I apologized,

"its fine, i suppose" she sighed, "its a good job your light" she added,

we all laughed at the comment, even she chuckled a little, I held my hand out to help her up, she took it and I helped her up,

"it was cute though" Niall grinned,

"what was" Summer asked,

"you and Louis" Niall replied, Summer and I looked at each other,

"him and me" Summer asked shocked,

"yeah, you and him" Zayn chuckled,

"no" Summer sighed,

"awwww" Liam teased,

"now what you awwwin at" she chuckled, no one could be mad at Liam, he's too innocent, but nit for long hehe,

"you two are just cute" he replied, we rolled our eyes, Liam somehow i don't think so, she hates me, and its probably killing her trying to be nice to me, when really she wants to murder me, which I don't blame, I was such a dick back then, I wish i could just turn back time, I want to be her best friend again, but I know that wont happen.

"anyway, what now" I said changing the subject,

"talk?" Harry suggested, we nodded, and so we all sat on our beds,

"can we ask you questions again" Zayn asked Summer,

"yeah course, shoot" she smiled,

"you sure you don't mind" Liam asked,

"no, ask anything, since im going to have to see you guys 24 hours for a while, you'll need to know more about me" she chuckled, "so, ask away" she added,

"hmmm..." everyone thought,

"favorite colour" Zayn asked, easy, blue, if she hasn't changed it,

"blue" she replied, see knew it, I do remember things,

"favorite food" Niall asked, easy, pizza

"pizza" she replied, I remember,

"have you got any brothers or sisters" Harry asked, easy, one little sister, I know she was a baby when we parted friends, so she'll be about 7, and her name is Lily

"yeah, a little sister, Lily, she's 7" she replied, wow, I do remember all the things about her,

"do you like your job" I asked,

"yeah, so longs you guys are nice" she said, I knew what she meant,

"favorite subject at school" Liam asked,

"well, although I hated the jerk who I sat next to, I have to say music, it was the only thing I was good at" she replied, she really does hate me,

"speaking of him, he didn't give you an explanation, to why he bullied you, did he, and the fact that you two used to be best friends to" Niall asked,

"Niall, don't ask things like that, its personal" Liam scalded,

"im sorry" Niall said sadly,

"its fine Niall, I don't mind, and to answer your question, and no, he didn't, we was friends one minute, then gone the next, when we was in high school, we made new friends, a girl called Megan, was my closest, but L ...... uhhh.... he and I was really close, I don't know, maybe Megan was jealous on how close we was, and she started being mean, then L ...... I mean he then go close to her and well yeah, that's how it was " she explained,

"I guess the guys name began with a L then" Zayn chuckled,

"yeah, Lewis his name was" she replied, phew,

"well, what a jerk, he must've been stupid to do that, and i hope he regrets it" Liam said, I do Liam, I do. I was quiet though all this talking

"yeah, what do you say Louis" Harry asked me,

"uhhh...yeah, what a jerk, and I bet he does regret it, what a stupid guy" I said,

"well, lets get some sleep then, more work tomorrow" Liam ordered, "goodnight everyone" he yawned,

"goodnight" we all said in unison. what a night, and now finally, we went to sleep.

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