why be a bully

my name is Summer, Louis Tomlinson is my childhood bully, he calls me names, trips me up and laughs,hits me and humiliates me, I hate him, he hates me, simple, we wasnt always like this, at one point we was actually best friends, until, that day, the day when one thing ruined my life, the day Louis turned mean, what will happen when we meet a few years later, will we still hate each other, will Louis change, will i still hate him, will he hate me, read on to find out more....... enjoy :)


21. cleaning the wounds

Still Louis' point of view

once the guys went in another room sorting the food out, they blasted music, it was really loud, anyway Summer got two towels from a booth, which we always used if we was sweaty, luckily we didn't use them today, and went to the sink in the kitchen and ran a towel under the cold water tap, and so Summer walked over to me, she huffed,

"what's up" I asked,

"I ....uuhhhh...need you to...uuhhhh" she stuttered,

"need me to what" I asked, she scratched her head,

"take your...uhhh..top off" she stuttered, ahhh I get what she means now,

"oh right" I said, carefully removing my top,

"my word Louis" she yelled,

"what" I said, scared

"it looks awful" she said,

"I know my body's not the perfect bod, but its not that bad" I said,

"noooo, you idiot, I meant the stupid cut, its really deep, and ughhh.... the blood is pouring out, and it looks disgusting" she said, disgusted. I chuckled, so she got the wet towel and dabbed it along my back, I squealed,

"oh shut up" she chuckled,

"yeah, you try having something freezing touch your back, then the pain hits you like a tonnes of bricks" i said,

"true, but I can't help it" she sighed,

"true" I replied, and so she cleaned it up,

"this next thing may sting a little" she warned, and soon, I heard her spray something and the pain shot through my back, I screamed.

she was cleaning it up when,

"so what really happened" she asked,

"what do you mean" I replied, acting innocent,

"cmon on Louis, unfortunately i've known you since we was little, you don't expect me to believe you actually got run over by those mobility scooters do you" she replied, oh no, she really does know me,

"yeah" I replied,

"really" she said, I sighed, silence,

"ok then, there are nail marks on your back, now either, you have been doing something that i really don't want to know, or someone has deliberately scratched you" she stated,

"fine, you got me, why do you know me so well" I asked,

"we've known each other since we was born, duh" she said, I chuckled, "now tell me" she ordered,

"fine, I ran into Megan, and let me just say, she hasn't changed" I sighed, she gasped,

"you mean, you ran into Megan, and she did..........this to you" she said shocked, I nodded,

"oh Louis, why didn't you say" she said,

"oh yeah, so im just gonna say, boys I really got scratched by my ex girlfriend in nandos, aint I" I said sarcastically,

"ok, jeez don't take it out on me....mind you, you have done for years, what's the difference now" she replied, I turned to her,

"look, im sorry for what I did, I didn't mean it, and I have changed since then, i grew up, that's the difference, just forget about it" I said, raising my voice a little, which seemed to scare her a little,

"oh well im sorry Louis for not forgetting how you called me, tripped me, your girlfriend hit me for five pissing years, im sorry that I had to go all through high school getting bullied by my ex best friend, going home, crying every night in my room, hoping one day you'd come back to being the old Louis" she yelled back,

tears forming in her eyes, and she walked out the studios, I really did hurt her didn't i, I chased after her out the studios, she only went round the corner, she was fully crying then, she had her head tucked in her hands

"look, im sorry for back then, I guess seeing Megan just brought all the guilt back and I just took it out on you, im sorry" I sighed, what should I do, so I walked towards her and brought her in for a hug, she stayed there for a bit, letting the tears fall, I was shirtless, luckily she went out the back so no - one could see us,  she buried her head in my bear chest, after a few seconds she then pulled away,

"im sick of crying" she sighed, gently hitting my body, she wiped her tears,

"im..." I started, she interrupted,

"forget it Louis" she yelled, she wiped her tears, she breathed in, and started to walk back in, I gently grabbed her arm,

"what" she snapped,

"so, your going to leave it like this, pretending to be nice to me, your working with us, you'll be seeing us for a while, and your going to pretend everything's fine, what about when they ask us to hug, to talk to each other, you just going to pretend to like me" I sighed,

"technically your making it difficult for me to like you, I did like you, i liked the old you, when we was friends" she said,

"I know, but I promise you, I have changed, I hate bullying, and like I said, i wish i could take back all those years" I said,

"I don't care, I still have the memories, the bad memories you and your ex caused, don't you understand they'll always be there Louis" she spat, im sure tears we're forming in my eyes, they started burning, i really was sorry, I didn't mean to do it  

"im sorry, I don't know what else to say" I sighed, breathing in, making sure the tears that we're threatening to fall didn't fall at all

"nothing, I don't want to talk about this now, the others are going to be wondering where we are" she replied

"yeah, can we go in now im freezing" I moaned

"suppose" she said coldly, and so we went inside. when we had just got in and I sat back on the chair,

"foods read......" Harry started to yell, he then grinned at the sight of me shirtless and Summer in the same room,

"looks like someone's already skipped to dessert" Harry winked, i rolled my eyes,

"Harry Edward Styles, get in there before I eat your food you disgusting little creature" I laughed, he screamed a little then went in the kitchen,

"can i have my top" I asked Summer awkwardly.

"you can't wear this top, its full of blood" Summer said

"I have no other tops, looks like ill have to go shirtless" I winked playfully trying to make smile, she rolled her eyes, went in the kitchen and had something to eat, no it didn't work, sigh.

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