Everything changes

Alexis Lucas has moved to a new place and on her first day of school everything changes. She has no idea what going on. She wants he friend, Erica to be safe but she doesn't know what to do. This new character comes into her life and confuses her. What should she do?
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3. Where is this?

"Erica!" I was running to her. "Put her on her side!" I heard Allison say to Scott. When I got to them Erica was looking in my eyes grunting with pain and clutching Scott's hand. "I got to call the ambulance." Allison said while pulling out her phone. I wasn't paying attention to what she was saying I was trying to calm down Erica. All I got from her was my name then she couldn't say anything else. Allison ran back to us. "Your a Student Aide right, Alexis?" I nodded. "They are gonna call here to confirm the ambulance to come here. Run to the office quickly to confirm it." I was running to the office as fast as I could. I got a few stares from people. When I got into the office the phone was ringing. I answered it out of breath. "Beacon Hills High School." "We got a call saying that a student there was having a siez-" I cut her off. "Yes. Please get the ambulance here as fast as you can." "Okay they will be on their way there. Thanks for confirming." I hung up and ran back to the gym. "Bring her to the office they are on their way here right now." Scott looked at me and picked up Erica. "Thanks Alexis." I walked with them to the office and Erica was calming down with her seizure and now trying to sleep but I kept her up afraid she might go in to another seizure. The ambulance came then they took her in and left. I went back to the gym with Scott, Allison and Stiles by my side. "Your new here aren't you Alexis?" Scott asked. "You could call me Alex. And yes I am but it's my first day today but I've been here in Beacon Hills for a week." I told them. I went into the girls locker room before Scott or anybody could say or ask me anything else. I got dressed and went to the office to call Erica's parents.I called and no one picked up. "Hello my name is Alexis from the Beacon Hills High School I'm a Student Aide and calling for Erica's parents, mr. and mrs. Reyes to let them know that Erica is in the hospital. She had a seizure during Physical Education. Call back or meet her at the hospital please. Thanks bye." I hung up. I wonder why they didn't pick up? I went to the principals door and knocked two times. "Come on in." I opened the door and went in and closed the door. "Oh hello Alexis. How is your first day going so far? Did you want me to help get your office set up?" I sighed and sat down when he gestured for me to sit. "No  I just have a quick question. Could I go to the hospital real quick? I know it's my first day and all but Erica had a seizure during PE and I want to make sure she's okay. I called her parents but they didn't pick up. And I wanted to be there for her just in case her parents don't show up." I told him quite fast. When I mentioned Erica haveing a seizure he looked really shocked but he recovered after I finished talking. "Sure. No problem. I would go too but I'm a little busy. Go on. But be back atleast by lunch which is at 11:56. Okay?" I was really surprised he gave me that long of time. "Uh yeah sure thank you sir." I got up and left his office. I grabbed my keys and my phone from my office and out the school to the parking lot. I had no idea where the hospital was so I was gonna have to use my built in GPS in my car. I have never used it. Once in the car and found out how to use the GPS I went off to the rout it gave me. I think I know why have gave me that long amount of time was because it took 30 minutes to get there. I walked out of my car and went to the front desk. "Can I help you?" A woman asked me. "Uh yes. Where can I find Erica Reyes?" I asked the woman. "Oh just in that room." she pointed to the room down the hall. I walked over there and knocked on the door then opened it without bothering waiting for an answer. I saw Erica laying down on a bed. I walked over to her. "Erica?" She opened her eyes and saw me then smiled. "Lex, I'm so glad you came." I brushed her hair out of her eyes. "I just wanted to make sure you were okay." I smiled back at her. I heard the door open and looked over to see this guy expecting a doctor. He walked over and grabbed Erica's medication off the table and leaned agents the counter. He looked nothing like a doctor or a nurse. "Who are you?" He looked at me. "Let's just say we have a mutual friend." He looked at Erica. I saw her staring at him terrified. She sat up when he walked over near her. "Side effects," he was reading it off the medication, "fatigue, abdominal discomfort, dizziness, rash, acne." He sighed and looked up at me in the eyes. I just realize that he has the most beautiful eyes ever. He was acturally really cute. He looked back at Erica. "Would if I told you," He put the medication down and walked to the end of Erica's bed, "That I could take care of all that." He grinned at her. "How?" Erica's voice was shaky. He looked back at me. "Come here." What the hell? The least he could do is tell me his name and he's expecting me to do something for him. "Tell me your name first." I demanded staring deeply into his eyes. "Okay well my name is Derek. Now will you come over here?" He asked gesturing me over with his hand. I walked over near him but not that close. He gestured his hand for my to come closer. I sighed and walked closer almost toe to toe. "Good." The freakiest thing happened ever! His eyes changed color, it turned red! "What the hell?!" I was stepping backwards. He grabbed my shoulders faster then I could even blink then I was passed out.
… … …
I woke up in this dark place. I looked around me and saw Erica sleeping next to me and Derek, now sitting on the bed. "Where the hell am I?!" I all but yelled at him. I was looking in my pockets for my phone then I found it. I looked at the time. It was 12:13. Oh my god. I turned to Erica and tried to shake her awake but Derek pulled me away and we were near the doorway. I looked around the room I was in and it looked almost as it it was burnt. "Let go of me now!" I yelled at him. He put his mouth to my ear, "Be quite! She's sleeping!" He whispered in a very firm voice. He took me out of the room and down a set of stair case. I think I found the front door at the end of the stairs. I might make a run for it. But not without Erica. I started to yell then. "ERICA! WAKE U-" Derek cover my mouth with his hand. "Shut up!" That is all I did. I just dropped down to my knees and became limp. Derek picked me up and laid me down on I'm guessing a couch. I was shaking so badly by then. I was so very scared. I don't know what was happening. 
... ... ..
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