Everything changes

Alexis Lucas has moved to a new place and on her first day of school everything changes. She has no idea what going on. She wants he friend, Erica to be safe but she doesn't know what to do. This new character comes into her life and confuses her. What should she do?
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2. Lots of new things.

It wasn't that hard to find the school. It only took 10 minutes. I parked my car next to a dark blue jeep. I stayed in the car for a few minutes trying not freak out. But I stayed in there longer than I thought. I ran out of my car with my stuff and locked it. And when I got to the front of the school I saw the principal. "You must be Alexis. Hi, I'm Principal Thomas. If you just follow me and I'll show you your office for the Student Aides then I'll walk you to your first class. The other Student Aide, Erica, is gonna be in the office with you. If you have any questions just ask her or you could come and ask me."  Wow. He talks a lot. "Thanks." Was all I said  He opened the office door and walked in and showed me my work space. "Hey, uh my name is Erica." This blond hair girl came up to me. "Hi, I'm Alexis. But you can call me Lex, Alex. Whichever." I noticed bags under her eyes. She looked as though she hasn't slept in days. The principal left while me and erica were talking. I went over to my desk and sat down and went over my schedule so I won't have to keep looking at it. I looked through my bag to see if I have everything. "Everything but a pen." I whispered to myself. "Huh?" Erica looked up from her computer with curious eyes. "Oh nothing I was just uh talking to myself." I told her. She smiled and looked back at her computer screen.  Principal Thomas came back in about 15, 20 minutes later. "Are you ready?" I got up and walk over to the door. "I'll see you later Erica." I looked at her while she got up. "Bye." she smiled and walked to the bathroom while I walk out the door with the principal. "What class do you have right now?" Principal Thomas asked me. "I have AP English." I replied. "Oh that's an easy one." he took a left turn right then, and opens the door to the class room. "This is Alexis. She's new here so please be welcoming okay?" Principal Thomas turned to me. "I hope you have a wonderful first day here. Oh and come back to the office whenever you feel like it and I'll get you all set up." he smiled at me and left the room. I hurried to the only seat left in the class room and sat down. I looked on the desk. "So he was expecting me." I thought to myself looking at the syllabus on the desk. The kid in front of me turned around and looked at me and gave my a pen. How did he know? Maybe he's just being welcoming. I took the pen. "Thanks." I said with a smile. He smile back and turned to his paper. That pretty much all we did in that class. When the bell rang I went to go find my locker.

Once I found it I put all my things in there grabbed my gym bag and went down stairs. I got changed quickly and realized that Erica had PE with me when she came up to me with a smile and all dressed for PE. "Hey." she scared me. "Oh god! Oh hey. Sorry you just scared me." I said while I picked up my clothes I dropped. "Sorry." she said with a sheepish look. I laughed. "It's okay. Well, what are we doing today for PE?" I asked. She frowned, "Rock climbing." she said while looking at the ground. "What's wrong with that?" I was wondering. "I'm...I'm Epileptic. So if I go too high I might have a seizure." Erica frowned more. "I...I don't know what to say..." I whispered. That explains the tired looking eyes. She looked up at me and smiled. "It's okay." everyone was walking out of the locker room by now so me and Erica walked out with them and to the gym. That kid that had English with me was in my gym class, I know that because he and Allison is climbing the wall together first. His name is Scott I found out. When they were halfway up the wall Allison kicked Scott's foot and he fell but the person that was holding his rope caught him before he hit the mat. Everyone was laughing at him except me and Erica. "You know Scott, you give me special kind of joy in here," Coach pointed to his heart, "when you are in pain." everyone started to laugh more, again, except me and Erica. When Allison was done Coach called up a guy named Stiles to climb the wall with Erica. Erica gave me a worried look. "It's gonna be okay." I whispered to her. "Okay then" Stiles said while he and Erica was getting their harnesses strapped on. When Erica was almost half way up the wall she stopped and started to breath heavly. "Oh no." I cried. Stiles was already done with it. Coach walked up closer to the wall same with me. "Erica whats wrong? Are you okay?" she didn't answer. Allison came up to Coach's  side. "Maybe this isn't safe. You know she's Epileptic." Coach starred at Allison in disbelief. "What?! Why doesnt people tell me these things?!," he turned back to Erica, "Erica its gonna be okay just- just jump of the wall. That all you got to do. There's a mat here it's okay." Erica was hyperventilating by now. She finally kick of the wall and landed safely on her feet on the mat. Everyone was laughing at her. She had tears in eyes while she was taking the harness off and she walked away to the locker room and I followed her. "Erica? Are you okay?" I asked her once the door was closed. "No of course not, her voice was all shaky, " I hate this so much. I hates being Epileptic, it keeps me from doing the things that I want to do." Tears where streaming down her face then. I walked over to her and rubbed her back. "No, it's okay." she said and got up and left. I got dressed and after a while I heard people yelling. But I can't make out what they were saying. I walked out of the locker room to the gym and saw Erica laying down on the ground shaking violently. She was having a seizure. 
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