Everything changes

Alexis Lucas has moved to a new place and on her first day of school everything changes. She has no idea what going on. She wants he friend, Erica to be safe but she doesn't know what to do. This new character comes into her life and confuses her. What should she do?
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1. First day.

I have made plans to have a better year at a new school. And those plans I'm going to do. I moved from South Carolina to California in Beacon Hills, Los Angeles. I have now been here in Beacon Hills for a week and I am starting to get to know this place a little better. I was a Student Aide at my old school and now that the principal at this school knows that I was a Student Aide there, he wants my to try it out here, since that I'm all ahead on all my classes, I will just be his assistant. There is also an other Student Aide there. She has been there for a while and her name is... Well I can't remember but it's a really nice name. I'll remember it soon. I went to go unpack for a while not bothering to have dinner, then I went to take a shower. I have dark brown wavy hair almost black and I don't really bother with it like put it up or style it but tonight I decided to straighten my hair. When I was done taking a shower I blow dried my hair and grabbed my phone, which I rarely use ever, and put on some music on and went to straighten my hair. When I was done, I looked at my phone and the time read 11:27 and I was so very tired so I just unplugged my hair straightener and turned the lights off and got under the blankets on my bed, not bothering to turn the music off but just lowering the music to background music and plugging the phone in to charge. 

 I woke up at 6:15. Got dressed wearing my leggings and a grey tang top with a plaid button up shirt. I brushed my hair and ran my fingers through it to look like my hair is naturally straight. I cut my hair a few weeks ago and it was down to my hips and now it's to my shoulders but I still like it. I went over to my mirror and, this what I haven't done in forever, I put some eyeliner on and some Chapstick on my lips to make my lips look shinny. I went down stairs after I was finished getting ready. I saw my mom making breakfast for me and her. "Well don't you look beautiful today!" I glared at her. "Mom. Shh." I smiled at her and grabbed my plate and sat down at the table. "Do you know the way to your new school?" She asked. "No. I don't. Do you know where it's at?" I replied. "I'll get the directions after I'm done eating." It was silent after a while. We were both done at the same time. I grabbed both of our plates and went to the sink and washed them off while she went to get the directions. After I was done with that I went upstairs brushed my teeth and and grabbed my school stuff and my phone and went downstairs. My mom gave the directions to the school and let me go. 
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