Guardian Angel

Louis is a Guardian Angel. He has been assigned to Victoria Dennis. A girl who doesn't know her destiny. Louis is supposed to protect her through thick and thin but under any circumstances he can not fall in love with her.
His friends, Liam and Niall fellow Guardian Angels. And then there's Harry and Zayn. Dark Angels. They do what they want when they want.
Louis finds Victoria and settles into her town it's been 2 years. There has been no sign of danger. Louis never knew how to start a relationship with her. But when they are thrown together as lab partners he can't help but introduce himself.


3. Secrets?

I woke to a noise I looked out my open door and saw a hooded figure walking past my doorway. I got up I slowly followed after the figure I waited at the top of the stairs when the figure walked past the big mirror in the hall I saw it was Harry, he grabbed his black pea coat off the hooks I quickly ran into my closet getting black chinos on a black shirt and a black sweater I wore a black scarf as well it was quite chilly tonight... I wanted to be sneaky so I put one my pair of full black vans I hardly even wear. I quickly and quietly snuck out of my room and went down the stairs I saw Harry just as he left he house I slipped over to the rack slipping on Zayn's black half leather half fabric varsity jacket and kept my black hood up. I walked behind Harry hiding behind cars. Where was he going? Was he keeping secrets? My curiosity was growing the farther we got from the house. Harry turned onto a field I stuck to the bushes kneeling down. He walked to the abandoned warehouse I followed him inside hiding behind a crate. He knocked a pattern on the door 
"Come in" the voice said I memorized the pattern I walked up keeping my face concealed by my hood. I knocked the pattern my heart racing 
"Come in" the voice said old rock music was playing something from ACDC to the Eagles maybe it was Queen... 
I walked until I set my eyes on Harry he stood his back against a post I did the same but a safe distance away. 
I took in the area, old wood floors and ceiling. What looked like a boxing rink in the middle and bars around and arcade games the air smelt of Marijuana and cigarettes. There was a symbol and I didn't know what it meant.. "🔱" I stared at it but gave up a guy jumped in to the boxing ring 
"Hello fellows and new comers, welcome to the annual Fallen Angels boxing night!" The guy yelled he was missing the cool microphone that comes down.. 
They men around me cheered I had a feeling in me maybe it was fear... Fear that all of these men were Fallen Angels if they knew I was a Guardian Angel they would rip me apart and drink my blood or something screwed up shit like that. I adjusted my stance. 
"Who wants to fight tonight?" They guy said looking for hands I knew this was just a hang out Harry was being rebellious I wanted to leave I turned to leave 
"You there!" The guy yelled I stopped in my tracks my eyes going wide I didn't turn
"Yeah you!" The guy said I slowly turned on my heel 
"Come on up here!" He said I shook my head I was pushed along by chuckling Fallen Angels I was surprised they didn't realize I was abnormally small... Fallen Angels were given height when they got to the age of a maturing Fallen Angel. That explains Harry's height. 
I stopped at the boxing square. I sighed swearing under my breath no more delaying it I jumped up onto the rink. 
"Well take off your hood show us who you are and your challenger can challenge you" he said I shut my eyes and breathed I could hear my heart beating I removed Zayn's jacket and held the hem of my hood 
Well Harry your in for one hell of a surprise... I thought I slowly guided the hood off of my quiff and looked up I was facing Harry his eyes widened disbelief an obvious emotion on his face people hooted and hollered wanting to fight me. 
When Harry took off his pea coat and stripped off his hoodie he walked through the crowed he grabbed onto the ropes and swung in 
"Ah Harry I guess your a taker?" The guy asked 
"I guess so..." Harry said looking into my eyes I could almost hear him saying to me "what the hell are you doing here?" 
I put my hands together, I wasn't sure if Harry wanted to fight me or not earlier today I would think he wanted to fight me but here as I looked into his eyes he didn't seem like he wanted to fight me but his threatening stance told me otherwise. 
"Ready?" The guys asked 
"Wait" Harry said I felt a trickle of hope. But I was denied when he smirked at me 
"I want to say something first." He said I felt my heart beat in my ears 
"Next time you try to think things about me think again." He said looking at me I unzipped the hoodie it fell to my feet. 
The guys blew a whistle and me and Harry walked forwards. 
"You shouldn't have followed me..." Harry whispers a we circle each other. 
"Who says I followed you?" I asked 
"Black hoodie?" He asked raising his brows
"What? I like black. Plus I have to look the part" I said
"What? Guardian Angel disguised as a Fallen Angel? Are you crazy? If they knew you were a Guardian Angel they'd kill you faster than you could scream." He said 
"You think I didn't know that? I'm not stupid Harry" I said 
"You look pretty stupid to me" he said 
"C'mon throw a pinch already!" Someone yelled Harry growled throwing an impatient punch at me it landed on my cheek I grunted and rubbed the spot 
"Go home Louis. Get out of here.. Before you get hurt" he said 
"They'll stop me" I said 
"No they won't they'll laugh but they won't touch you" he said 
"That's what you think" I said I kicked Harry he grunted falling down. 
"I'll help you get out" he said people around us cheering and whistling. 
"I can do things on my own." I said
"Sure, next time I punch you run out the exit to your right there's an ally way you can run down you'll be home in half an hour if you run the whole way." He said 
"If they chase me?" I said 
"They won't" he said I sensed his reassurance.
"Alright punch me" I said that's when a beer bottle was thrown at my head I felt my anger out of control 
"Louis calm down" Harry said I breathed heavily wanting to calm down but I couldnt help it something else was thrown at me I growled in anger and I couldn't stop it I felt my wings pop out threw my shirt I looked at Harry 
"Put them away!" He shouted at me 
I was shouted at by all of the angels 
"Back exit now!" He yelled at me he grabbed my wrist grabbing our hoodies he pulled we out the door I looked over my shoulder seeing almost half the bar chasing after us 
"You shouldn't have done this" he said
"Here put this on" he said handing me my hoodie. I grabbed it from his hands I slipped it on leaving it openI heard a gunshot Harry tugged me along I felt the cold feeling of pure feel rolling threw me. Harry held the arm of my sweater the bicep area and pulled me along I felt like a child but at the same time I knew I'd probably die. He took a sharp turn dragging me behind him I picked up my speed but felt my energy draining usually Angels don't run out of energy but.. I guess I'm different. I watched Harry reach in the waist band of his jeans he pulled out a... GUN?!
"Harry! What are you-" I was cut off by a gun shot. One of the men/Fallen Angels droped I looked at Harry not believing what he just did.
"C'mon!" He yelled at me he pushed me up more and shot off 4 more shots and caught up and we ran down the street when we reached the front yard the other guys werent following us anymore when we walked in he rolled his eyes at me and walked up the steps I stood there in shock
Who was he anymore?
Authors note:
Hey guys! Sorry it's been FOREVER since we last updated (We as in Hailey and myself..)
It's getting late but we have lots planned....
-I'm gunna upload a new chap to my Blood Lust sequel.
-Hailey is going to upload her NUMBER 17 SEQUEL PREMIRE!!! IM SO HAPPY! she hasnt let me read it yet... -___-
-About 3 more chaps for Guardian Angel! (aka this movella.)
Hope you enjoyed it!!!
kiss kiss hug hug bye bye!
- Hailey & Natalie :) xx

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