Guardian Angel

Louis is a Guardian Angel. He has been assigned to Victoria Dennis. A girl who doesn't know her destiny. Louis is supposed to protect her through thick and thin but under any circumstances he can not fall in love with her.
His friends, Liam and Niall fellow Guardian Angels. And then there's Harry and Zayn. Dark Angels. They do what they want when they want.
Louis finds Victoria and settles into her town it's been 2 years. There has been no sign of danger. Louis never knew how to start a relationship with her. But when they are thrown together as lab partners he can't help but introduce himself.


1. New seating plan

-Louis' POV-

I walk into the biology room I sit down at the counter next to some weird kid I was stuck sitting next too. I look at the back of her head. The reason I'm here. Victoria Dennis.
"Ok class new seating plan!" Mr. Millard says he tosses and apple between his hands. A nice ripe red one.
"The plan is you shift up a desk the person on the um...right get up and shuffle up a desk but the person on the left stay put." He says I do as he says. I set my binder on the desk ahead of mine and plop down on my chair I look over at my new seating partner.... Victoria.
She examines me.
"I'm not doing all the work you know. You gotta do something." She says
"I know I'm not going to just sit here while you do all the work why would you think that?" I asked
"That's what you did with Ernie." She says. Ernie was the guy I used to sit beside.
"That's different. Ernie wasn't gorgeous like you." I said failing at an attempt to flirt. Or that's what I thought! Victoria smiled
"Cute. Nice to meet you I'm Victoria" she said
"I'm Louis" I said as we shook hands.
I wasn't supposed to be flirting with her, because I couldn't fall in love with her it was against Guardian Angel rules. Something was coming for Victoria and I had to focus on protecting her. But maybe flirting with her will get a relationship going so I could be close to her at all times watching her back for her. Sooner or later what wants to harm her or even kill her will show up and I need to be ready.
Mr. Millard walks around and puts a tray with a dead frog and tools on each table. Victoria makes a gagging sound I out my hand on her back and one on her knee, Guardian Angel instincts
"You ok?" I asked
"I'm fine I just hate seeing animals dead. Or anything dead." She said I started to rub soothing circles into her back she nodded I leaned away my hand moving away from her back my hand still remaining on her knee as we turned towards the frog I made the first cut into it as Victoria blocked her eyes.


"That was the most disgusting thing ever." Victoria says to me as we walk out of the class I chuckle her height lands her at about a head shorter than me. Some guys were running down the hall towards Victoria they weren't watching where they were going. Just before they collided with her I pulled her against me. What can I say I was obsessed with her protection, I had reasons.
"Thanks" she says as I let her go we walk down the hall to her locker
"So how long have you been attending this school Louis?" She asked working at her lock
"Two years now." I said leaning against the locker next to hers
"How come we've never met?" She asked I shrugged but I knew exactly why.
"Wanna hang out after school?" I asked changing the subject
"Umm I wish I could Louis but I have plans with my friend Jessica." She said I nodded licking my lips with the tip of my tongue.
"Some other time then." I said
"You bet." She said I smile at her. She was actually a really nice girl the girl I was assigned to last time was so rude and obnoxious.


I shut the door to the mansion on the secret location. Me and the boys lived in it. We weren't supposed to live with Dark Angels but Harry and Zayn were our friends.
I take my top off and throw it in the hamper once I get to my room I close my eyes and soon I feel my wings coming out big white feather wings. I put on a white and black striped shirt and black chinos. I slid on my moose slippers and walked out of the room I saw Harry coming out of his room his wings were coming out the back of his black V-neck. His wings were just like mine but they were pitch black like he fell in a pit full of ash. Our wings weren't like those cheap Cupid things. They were like actual wings off a bird but they didnt tuck they still pointed straight to the air we couldn't fly no. But we just had them.
"Did you talk to her yet?" He asked
"Yeah, actually were lab partners." I said he smirked
"Lab partners?" He asked
"Yeah what's wrong with that?" I asked
"Nothing." He said
"Just because your a Dark Angel doesn't mean you get to do whatever the hell you want. How about you make yourself useful?" I said he glared at me
"I'll make dinner. Mom." He said I glared at him as he kept walking
"Ass" I muttered
He sometimes pissed me off I wish he could have been the way he used to be before he broke an a gel rule and fell in love with the girl he was protecting. They stripped him of the white in his wings and killed the girl.
This isn't anything to play around with.
This is serious.

Authors note!

Hope you liked the first chapter!
Drama! :) me and Louis!! Are writing this fan fiction together because if an email request.
I do know her away from the computer. She's really nice! Hope to write new chapters soon

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