Guardian Angel

Louis is a Guardian Angel. He has been assigned to Victoria Dennis. A girl who doesn't know her destiny. Louis is supposed to protect her through thick and thin but under any circumstances he can not fall in love with her.
His friends, Liam and Niall fellow Guardian Angels. And then there's Harry and Zayn. Dark Angels. They do what they want when they want.
Louis finds Victoria and settles into her town it's been 2 years. There has been no sign of danger. Louis never knew how to start a relationship with her. But when they are thrown together as lab partners he can't help but introduce himself.


2. Let Himself Go - Louis!!


Chapter 2: This Isn't A Joke - Louis!! 

-Louis' POV-

I walk down the halls towards the biology room. 
"Boo!" I hear someone say behind me I jump and turn around and see Victoria. 
"Hey" she said kissing me on the cheek 
"What was that for?" I asked rubbing the cold spot. (Angel thing...) she turns slightly rosy
"No reason" she says I smile but I get a bad feeling. 
"Ok let's go we're going to be late" I said we made it to the room just entering as the bell rang. My phone went off in my pocket (vibrate) I opened the message 

Harry: Hey Angel, How's class ;) 
Louis: Why don't you go to school and see for yourself? 
Harry: Oooh. Ouch. I think I'm good here though. Thanks for suggesting.. 
Louis: what do you and Zayn have planned for today? More "Dark Angel Things"? 
Harry: hey.. Private, and why are you texting your supposed to be in lesson.. 
Louis: you texted me! 
Harry: relaaax! I'm just pulling your wing.. See you at home... Maybe. 
Louis: k bye
Harry: did you just "k" me?! 
Louis: yeah, what's it to you? 
Harry: whateves. Peace be-otch 
Louis: bye. 

I tucked my phone away in my pocket and looked up. Nothing was interesting as usual. I took out my notebook and started to aimlessly doodle. We were just writing down notes on different sorts of things.. I was just bored I covered the whole page if my notebooks in random doodles. 
I drew an angel with big white wings like my own. 
"Do you like Angels or something?" I heard Victoria ask 
"Um yeah" I said 
"if only they were real.. That's one supernatural thing I'd like to have walk the earth..." She said 
"Yeah if only they were real.." I said slightly smiling 
"When I was a little girl my mom decorated my room with Angels instead of princesses. I was different that's for sure, I never dressed up as a princess for Halloween, always an Angel." She said I hated the holiday "Halloween" that was Harry and Zayn's holiday as well as the other Dark Angels. 
"Oh really? Why did your mom decorate your room with Angels?" I asked 
"She said they meant something to her, she said lots of things like how they watch over us." She said I didn't say anything 
"Could you just imagine having an Angel watch over you?" She asked. 'You do right now' I wanted to say. 
"You mean like a Guardian Angel?" I asked shading in my drawing 
"Yeah, I knew that's the title I was searching my brain for" she said 
"Yeah your mom wasn't the only one to fill your head with Angel facts" I said. My earth parents were different than my heaven parents. I was sent into the protective custody of my earth parents when I was only 1 year old. I don't even remember my parents. When I was sent down to earth they didnt even bother to pack a picture or any object that proved they were real. 
When Harry fell a few years after me he knew who I was when he met me. But I didn't know one single thing about him, he knew my age, my earth parents names the one thing he said he knew shocked me "I know your an Angel." He had spoken to me at this point I didn't know about Fallen Angels also known as Dark Angels. 


I stood talking to this guy he said his name was "Harriet" but his earth name was "Harry" I filed the names. 
"How'd you know I was an Angel? Are you an Angel as well?" I asked 
"Fallen" he said I felt alarmed I reversed myself 
"Don't run. I want to show you something" he said I followed him he led me to a barn out in the middle of no where. 
"This is your house?" I asked he smirked 
"Not all Angels were lightly sent down to earth with things handed to them on a silver platter" he said lighting a few lanterns 
"Understandable how'd you hover down?" I asked 
"There's a reason why they call us "Fallen Angels" we aren't hovered down were pushed. I didn't hover down I fell down on my ass. Stabbed in the back by my own race." He said 
"What happened?" I asked 
"They didn't listen to me. I was accused of treason and banished to earth. They labeled me as a liar and a devil. They pushed me down." He said and by "They" he meant the higher class Angels. The Head Angels, a force to be recon with. 
"What's the difference between me and you?" I asked 
"Show your wings" he said I took my shirt off and let my wings come out. Their beautiful pearl white complextion. 
"Do you see the beautiful white delicate white color to your wings?" He said I nodded 
"Now.." He said he removed his shirt 
"Look at mine. Don't keep anything back" he said he closed his eyes and allowed his wings to come out but they weren't pearl white. They were black. A dark charcoal black. 
"Amazing aren't they?" He said sarcastically 
I noticed the matching dog tags every Angel had to wear they sat right in the middle of our breasts (I didn't know what to call them same with the other writter...:/) they were a dark grey with a black lumpy texture to them and a carving carved into them. 
He looked me over. Scanning my wings 
"Don't you notice how your wings are comforting and welcoming and mine make you want to back off." He said I walked forwards him circling him 
"Do you wanna know something else?" He said 
"What?" I asked stopping infront on him 
"Step closer" he said I did he took my dog tag in his hand he touched them and let them go. They floated in the air like they were held by magnets. 
I had thoughts in my head thoughts that weren't mine. They were Harry's. 
I looked up at him 
"Look at my wings" he said I looked at them they were a bright peal white. I was shocked a loud thunder boom banged on the out side of the barn 
"You have to go the Head Angels don't like you here go now!" He yelled an with that I ran away from the barn. 

-end of flashback- 

The bell rang tugging me out of my flashback I rose from my seat sliding my notebooks into my back pack. 
"I have to go. I'll text you" I said I walked out of the class as fast as I could I went to my locker getting the code and got my stuff I walked out of the school I got In my car and drove to the house I walked in 
"Hey Louis why you me so early?" Liam asked 
"I need to talk to Harry." I said 
"He's up in his room. Is something wrong?" He asked
"No, I just remembered something" I said I ran up the stairs and burst into Harry's room he was sleeping his wings folded on his back I don't know why he didn't tuck them before he went to sleep. We can make our wings disappear or we can tuck them under or skin. I walked up to him I pushed my wings out ripping my shirt I shook Harry he woke up I reached inside his black shirt and grabbed the dog tag. I sat him up and touched our dog tags 
"What are you doing?" He grumbled our dog tags stuck together. The pearl white color seeped into Harry's wings but ended up looking Ombré. Blending white to grey and then black at the tips 
"Why is it doing that?" I asked he shoved me away 
"Don't do that" he said tucking his dog tag away, he stayed sat up the white leaked from his wings he rested his arm on his knee leaning his hand on his mattress behind him supporting him. 
"Wy shouldn't I do it?" I asked 
"Because remember what happened last time?" He said I groaned 
"The Head Angels approved of our residency with you and Zayn. They're off our backs" I said 
"That's what you think" he said coldly 
"That's what I know" I said he looked at me coldly 
"What are you doing home from school anyways?" He asked doing his best to change the subject I went along not wanting to fight with him. 
"I had a flashback of the first time I met you and I remembered the dog tag thing" I said 
"That doesn't work anymore." He said I knew I could get him to jump into the topic once more 
"Why not?" I asked 
"Because it just doesn't. Just drop it ok?" He said I stared at him in disbelief he laid back down putting his back to me 
"Lazy ass" I threw at him before leaving his room shutting the door. 
I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen I grabbed a cookie off the try Liam had just made. I ate it angrily
"Don't let Harry get to you, he's as stubborn as a mountain ox... Believe me I know." Liam said 
It was Liam who discovered Harry in a field after he fell Liam being a Guardian Angel saw his black wings and felt a sense of resentment but also felt a duty to protect him. He carried Harry to his home near by his earth parents told him about Fallen Angels and told him to put Harry back where he found him but he refused taking Harry up to his room and caring for him when Harry woke up he was angry. Very angry. It took Liam weeks to convince Harry not to do anything rash. And there for Liam knew he was a stubborn one. 

I bit into the cookie again Zayn walked into the kitchen grabbing a cookie 
"Zayn can I ask a favor of you?" I said 
"Depends what it is..." He said 
"Just come here" I said he came over I set my cookie on the counter I took out Zayn's dog tag and touched it to mine they stuck together and his wings flooded with white. They weren't ombré they were white... Un like Harry's. I took my dog tag from his 
"Thank you." I said he shrugged and walked out of the room.
"What was that about?" Liam asked 
"Just Louis being his curious slash nosey self" Harry said being the only one not to grab a cookie yet instead he decided on a banana. 
"Harry, that's not nice" Liam said 
"Oh your right" Harry said he turned to me I didn't look at him 
"I'm sorry" he said looking like he was struggling to keep a straight face 
"Oh wait I'm not" he said I felt anger rising inside me 
"I know your a Fallen Angel but can you go threw atleast one day with out being a complete ass hole?!" I yelled at him he glared at me 
"Hey! Your the one that came barging into my room grabbing my dog tag it's not my fault!" He yelled 
"I was trying to prove something!" I yelled 
"Prove what?!" He snapped 
"That there is still some good in you!" I said
"Well you got your answer didn't you?" He said hopping off of the barstool he walked out I watched his built back disappear
I stared after him 
"He's un believable!" I said hitting my fist of the counter 
"I told you not to let him get to you" Liam said
"Yeah, I know he's just so urgh!" I got up walking up into my room. 
I don't know why Harry had to be such an ass. Like Zayn was still kinda nice but it was like Harry just let himself go. Just gave in and let himself become a compete douche bag. 
I hated the fact that I felt a need to help him. 

Authors note: 
Hey guys, so I finished this like a week ago and I never posted it so Im sorry! 
But there it was! Hope you liked it thanks for reading, favoriting and liking it's much appreciated! <3333 

- Hailey xx 

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