Guardian Angel

Louis is a Guardian Angel. He has been assigned to Victoria Dennis. A girl who doesn't know her destiny. Louis is supposed to protect her through thick and thin but under any circumstances he can not fall in love with her.
His friends, Liam and Niall fellow Guardian Angels. And then there's Harry and Zayn. Dark Angels. They do what they want when they want.
Louis finds Victoria and settles into her town it's been 2 years. There has been no sign of danger. Louis never knew how to start a relationship with her. But when they are thrown together as lab partners he can't help but introduce himself.


5. Change

(Louis' POV)

I pulled my black jeans up and stopped when I heard a giggle. I waited for it to happen again and soon enough it did. I turned towards my door and walked over opening it.. I walked down the hall when I heard it again followed by a "Shhh.." coming from Harry's room.

Probably another One-night stand. I shook my head and rolled my eyes

"Are you sure you have to go?" I heard him ask I stopped walking away

"I can't overstay my welcome." She said

"Consider your welcome extended." Harry says I brought my brows together usually girls Harry had over I would see them for 5 seconds as they slipped their shoes on and were gone out the door.

"What if one of your housemates sees me? What about Louis?" She asked I tensed up at the mention of my name.

"What about him?" Harry asks

"Won't he get pissed? From what you've told me he isn't very nice..."

Ok um.. What? I thought

I walked over to Harry's door and reached for the doorknob when Zayn's door opened I stepped back and walked back to my room clutching the white "New York!" shirt in my hands I raced back to my room pulling the shirt over my head and tucking my dogtag under it. I slipped a denim jacket onto my shoulders and slipped on some black vans and slid down the railing of the stairs.


Author's Note:

Hey sorry we haven't been updating.. I'm (Natalie) busy with my other Movella (Love Lust) I haven't updated in TOO long. I have to start working on that.. I promise to update this more!




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