Guardian Angel

Louis is a Guardian Angel. He has been assigned to Victoria Dennis. A girl who doesn't know her destiny. Louis is supposed to protect her through thick and thin but under any circumstances he can not fall in love with her.
His friends, Liam and Niall fellow Guardian Angels. And then there's Harry and Zayn. Dark Angels. They do what they want when they want.
Louis finds Victoria and settles into her town it's been 2 years. There has been no sign of danger. Louis never knew how to start a relationship with her. But when they are thrown together as lab partners he can't help but introduce himself.


4. Are You Hungry?

(Louis' POV)
When the school bell rang I decided to take Victoria over we had to do our project anyways.
The night that me and Harry had to run away from that mob or whatever he was shot. he had a bandage wrapped around his torso. When we walked in I lead Victoria into the kitchen where we set our stuff on the wood kitchen table Harry came in shirtless but his wings weren't out which means Liam did pass on my message about not letting your wings out. He glared at me he turned his back to me opening the fridge
"What happened to him?" Victoria whispered
"What's it to you?" Harry said as he turned around
"Harry" I said telling him to stand down with my eyes. He slit his eyes at me he walked over to the table and did the unexxpected
"What are you two Angels working on?" he asked I felt a twist in my stomach he cleared his throat
"Biology Project" Victoria said quietly tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear.
oh hell no. She does NOT like Harry! please no! hes a douche!
"Nice... What unit?" He asked it was like he was deliberatly TRYING to get her to like him I growled
"Disection..." She said
"My favorite" He said with a flirtatious smirk, Victoria giggled
"What school do you go too?" She asked Harry opened his mouth to say something but I beat him to it.
"Harry's a drop out" I said his eyes flashed to mine I held them coldly. I suspected Victoria to loose interest but she sighed
"Thats a shame. You should come to our school" She said Harry looked back at me
"I'll think about it..." He said he was trying to make me snap on him infront of Victoria. I couldn't believe him.
"Harry don't you have somewhere to be? Like anywhere but in here?" I said
"Wow thats kinda harsh. but I guess I'm unwanted. See ya around Vic" He said he got up and winked walking out of the room I clenched my fists so hard I felt my nails digging into my palms.
As soon as Harry was out of the room Victoria turned to me
"Who is that? He is SO hot!" She whispered to me
"That's Harry don't let him fool you. He's a complete ass." I said
"He seems nice"
"Well he's not. Let's get some work done k?" I said she nodded
(Harry's POV)
I walked into Niall's room with a smirk on my face.
"What'd you do?" He asked I chuckled
"I got Louis' girl to like me. You know the one he's suppost to protect?" I said Niall was all you shouldn't do that because he was a Guardian Angel I just wish he'd fall already. He'd be so much more fun and him being my bestfriend since Louis went all kiss the Head's boots.
"Harry.. That's his-" I cut him off
"I know Niall. I just wanna have some fun.." I said innocently Laying on his bed a shot of pain surged threw me stupid bullet hole.
"Well don't get me in trouble go find Zayn" He said
"I did. He's not in his room." I said
"I'm just about to go meet Hanna so..." Niall trailed off I groaned
"Your still with that Human?" I asked
"Yeah. I like her now find someone else to bother." He said smirking
"Fine! I'll go find a club or whatever" I said wiggling my brows he smirked
"Alright then. Have fun Harry." He said I stuck my tongue out at him as he left I got up and went into my room putting on a rolling stones shirt and a black hoodie. I ran down the stairs and opened the door
"Goin' out to see Brittney" I picked a random name
"Who's-" I cut Louis off
"See ya!" I yelled and shut the door I walked on the sidewalk for what seemed like hours until I reached the city (London) we live out away from the city in that little secluded neighbourhood. I walked into a corner shop and grabbed a FIJI water and a Biscuit I paid and walked out I almost drank when I saw a homeless girl about my age. she had her skinny knees hugged to her bone rack body I stood at the opposite end of the alley that she was in. I looked down at my purchases I bit my lip and walked forwards she had a thin blanket wrapped around her, the weather wasn't bad during the day but it was bad during the night. I kneeled infront of her she slowly looked up at me her dirty skin and dirty hair would have turned anybody away but for some reason I felt the dying need to help her. I looked down and noticed the dried blood on the sheet.
"Are you hungry?" I asked she nodded I opened up the bag and took out the warm biscuit she slowly reached weakly I ripped off a piece and held it to her lips she took it I looked back at the blood spot on her stomach area
"May I look?" I asked she shook her head no.
"What happened?" I asked she waited a minute and then pulled out a knife I looked at her and took it from her
"Did you do this to yourself?" I asked pointing to the blood on her stomach area she nodded I handed her the biscuit
"Finish that, I've got a drink for after ok?" I said she nodded I sat beside her as she finsihed the biscuit. I cracked open the FIJI and handed it to her she drank it down I took the hoodie off of me and told her to put her arms up I slipped it over her head it went to her mid thigh. she had nothing but indies under that sheet. not even a bra. I couldn't just leave her out here I debated with myself... then the thunder above made my mind up for me
"Come with me" I said I helped her up she put the sheet in the dumpster and I held her close to me until her legs gave out I carried her down the alley. To get her home I was going to have to take the longer route to be unseen.
I walked down the streets as the rain poured down on my head. I put the hood of the hoodie up for the girl I reached the house but climbed up the side of the house that lead up to my balcony. I carried the girl in my arms I sat her on my bed
"Would you like me to run ou a tub?" I asked quietly she shrugged I walked into my bathroom and started to run the warm water
"Whats your name?" I asked
"Sophie." She really quietly whispered
"Ok Sophie.. I'm Harry."

Authors note:
So I guess Louis has Harry all wrong if he's such a douche and an ass then why would he help Sophie? Maybe Harry is just misunderstood.
-  Hailey & Natalie :) xx

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